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# 1 Bridge Packs from C-Store
08-04-2010, 08:56 AM

first of all i would like to express that i like the optional bridge packs very much! They are a great way to individulaize your ship and Cryptic is doing a great job with the designs - great stuff. I have bought 2 packs from the Fed-side, the Science Bridge Packs and the 'new' Retrofit Intrepid Pack, both are really awesome designed and very unique/varied in comparison to the 'normal' bridges.

Now comes the part I seriously feel to have been ripped off:

1. 'Compassion' Bridge Pack was bugged right from the start. I bought it and realized they had a texture bug. The screen textures were displayed all over EVERY surface on my bridge. It looked like the 'matrix'. After filing a bug report the bug was adressed and fixed about 2-3 weeks later - not what i consider a speedy response.

2. Retrofit Intrepid Bridge Pack was bought by me about 2 or 3 days after it was released. When i first visited my new bridge, i was very dissapointed. There is a pretty obvious bug, that lets stand all my Bridge officers on their consoles or just let them float in midair, seemingly attached to some small step in the wall.
When i tried to sit down in my Captain's chair, i realized why my bridge crew would rather stand on their console stations rather than try sitting down. The chair is bugged, when u manage to sit, u will float half a metre above the cushion.

It now has happend 2 times that i bought something completely bugged from c-store. I can't understand this, surely you should have some guy who gives new items a look and test them before they are released on c-store.
On the other hand I begin to seriuosly doubt that u have such a guy... as it seems to be getting a standard procedure for the c-store, to add bugged items.
I fully realize, that bugs are common and can't be avoided entirely, but this case is really something that can be considered a ripp-off. I start believing this to be a deliberate practice. Shouldn't be too hard, to check the things at least once, as those 2 bugs would have been OBVIOUS (even impossible to miss) for the most superficial testing - therefore i can only assume, there has been absolutely no testing.

What i really don't understand, is why you just keep adding stuff that is broken and the community pays REAL money for it to learn it the hard way. Then better not add them at all, at least as they haven't been through quality assurance.

I have filed a bug report on the new bug, but there has not been any response, or even a fix so far. As i see it, I have paid and Cryptic has yet failed to deliver - so PLEASE fix it ASAP!!!

Still hoping for some basic customer service ....


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