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Iíve waited to fly the top tier versions of the iconic ships since, wellÖ I got to the top tier! My impressions overall are that they are great fun and a very welcome addition to the game. In particular:

The Galaxy:
The engineering ensign slot adds a bit of a different flavor compared to the Sovereign I usually use. And saucer separation: Bravo! Love it! The visual effect is first rate. Personally, Iíd rather the saucer section just hung back 15 km or more and stayed out of the fight, so Iíd be great with a no-aggro ďpassiveĒ mode for it. It follows a bit too closely at lower speeds as well. The gain in versatility of using the star drive section alone is well worth the loss of the tactical console slot. Nice!

The Defiant:
Iím having loads of fun with it. The model has all red running lights instead of red and green (port and starboard) as a nit to pick. Itís gorgeous otherwise. The min/max crowd will be happy with it when some new tactical ensign powers give them something for giving up an engineering or science ensign slot. Tough little ship nevertheless!

The Intrepid:
I canít think of a thing I find wrong with it. Itís a pure pleasure as an upgrade!

Iím looking forward to my newer cruiser skipper characters in the center seat of an Excelsior at tier 3 as well. (And perhaps at tier 5 as a star cruiser?) Keep it coming!
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08-04-2010, 11:19 AM
Good to hear! I'm only a few levels from reaching VA1 to try them too. Did you try thee on 3 different characters, or you bought the retrofits in the C-Store to test them with the same character?
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08-04-2010, 11:43 AM
I got my primary character to Vice Admiral and chose to try the uprated Defiant class first, then got the other two via the C-Store. I figure with other characters I'll have my choice of any of the ships since two are unlocked account-wide and I'll have a token for a post-refit escort if I wish one.

What's an Admiral without a Task Group?

(That gets me thinking. There's already a Vice Admiral ability to call for reinforcements. How about an ability that summons the other ships you have? It could involve you promoting your BO's to Captain.)

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