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Originally Posted by kefra View Post
C-Store is the least of STO's problems. Currently STO has 17 seperate currencies, many of them used to buy the same tier equipment. Extremely poor STF design. Cryptic seems to think that zerg fest is equel challenging and intersting, fun gameplay, when it is only simple to implement without much effort or creativity (yes, I said it).
I picked out a clip that fits into my train of thought from the first day I played this game, and this is it. I was thoroughly confused the first few days of play by just trying to keep the many types of currency straight in my mind. Starting with Energy Credits as the simplest to obtain, and become quickly Wealthy in, all the way to the Gold Plated Latinum to buy those Holo Emitters with that was introduced in season 2. Cryptic seems to have never given any thought to any sort of Currency Exchange in the game. Here I sit with Close to $3,000,000 in my pocket, in Energy Credits, and absolutely nothing to spend it on.

Why can't there be an exchange for the different types of currency that are not used, to be able to obtain some currency that the player needs for those Purple items that are just out of reach? I would suggest the exchange of 3 to 1 or 5 to 1, even 10 to 1 to swap unused funds for other types of purchases would not be unreasonable.

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