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Aid the Planet is still bugged in B'Tran VA. This time instead of not giving me the mission once in system the glitch this time is that it completes but does NOT put the reward into my inventory. So I spent 24k for 20 Warp Coils for a big 10 dxp.

The dev teams need to stop working on Season 3 development stuff and divert their resources to getting Season 2 working properly. Heck I'd be glad if we could get the stuff that worked in Season 1 back at this point. I am normally the guy who's understanding about the dev cycle and what all that entails. I've worked in IT for 30 years but this is driving even my patience to it's limit.

I cannot believe they're doing a "please come back" weekend with the amount of stuff that just doesn't work. I don't think dabo is that big of a draw and with the condition of the scanning anomolies only returning technical data makes that minigame nearly useless.

Sure I report the bug ingame at the location it occurs, try to get a GM response by filing a GM Requrest bug and I post the bug in the forums but I seriously have come to expect nothing will be done about this until September as they want to get the first weekly episode out in announced time.
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08-05-2010, 02:39 AM are not alone. Many have pointed this out, but I have yet to see a reply from the staff {I might have missed it}. You probably also noticed the other slap in the face of zero loot beyond batteries or basic stim.

In fact, this will effect every single lvl 51 player out there. Some will say they are getting stuff, but that is because they have not hit lvl 51 yet and faced lvl 51 scaled mobs. I have seen some Mk XI greens/whites via B'Tran, but that was before I hit lvl 51 on a respective toon. Once they hit 51 no gifts from Aids or loot we are used to seeing off mobs.

As it stand right now if you want Mk XI loot {beyond emblem spending} at lvl 51 you have to win in Ker'rat {made less likely thanks to credit farmer scumbags} or a fleet actions {or come in the top 2 or 3 or whatever} and this is unacceptable.

I know I, for one, will not tolerate loot being restricted to STF boss drops, or winning a fleet action or Ker'rat {or the KDF version} for much longer. So it better be inept coding and not intended. I take no issue with fleet actions {and have won a few to get some blue Mk XI consoles}, but they are just not my cup of tea....if I want to compete with others I will join PvP {that is if I can ever get into a match anymore}...and personally I always hated how the STF only reward one player.

I agree with you about the "welcome back weekend"...wait until they get a load of all the broken/bugged garbage.

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