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# 1 Transwarp Powers need Fixing.
08-07-2010, 12:17 AM
== 08/31/10 - It appears as though they fixed the Transwarp Cooldown so that they continue to count down while docked/on the ground. Thank you Cryptic! ==

The Transwarp to Earth Spacedock Captain Power Shares a 30 minute cool down with the Diplomatic Power Transwarp to Starbase K7 (and I'll bet with the other Diplo TWs I don't have yet). That 30 minutes only ticks down while you're in your ship. If you TW in and dock, you could spend hours on the ground, beam back to your ship, and still have 29m remaining on all your TWs. That seems gimped to me.

I'd like to see any one or more of the following improvements:

Allow the power's CD to recharge while docked/on the ground. The ship is in idle, it's warp coils should still be recharging.

Lower the shared Cooldown.

Keep the primary CD to 30m, but lower the shared system CD to less than that (10-20m).

Also, I'd like to request a TWarp Power to each Memory Alpha and the Omega Battle Group.

Updates: In post #7 I confirmed all three of the Diplo TW powers share the mutual CD, and now I can confirm (in post #40) that the Excelsior's nine TWs share CDs with all the rest.

That's thirteen powers that all share an unfortunately long, thirty-minute, CD. This is definitely gimped.

In that post I also comment on/request a fix for the nine new TWs sharing the same icon (they need to be different somehow.

Lastly, to confirm, I agree with people on the "story" element, that our ships have only one TW engine, so a shared CD is expected. That makes sense. But Cryptic needs to either A) Fix the Away-From-Ship doesn't Recharge the CD bug, and/or B) Reduce the CD from 30m to 5-15m. What's the point of having a TW Drive if I can fly across the galaxy and back before it finishes recharging just because I stopped for some donuts?

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