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# 1 Customizable Bridges
08-08-2010, 01:30 PM
I put this in the main discussion thread but it got buried so quickly.

I've bought several bridge packs over the past few months and to be honest I'm not too fond of them. I can't remember who it was but someone posted up walk-through videos of some bridge packs and after I saw the Prometheus bridge pack I bought it, thanks to whomever that was btw as I now use it for my Sovvy

But then I went ahead and bought the "Intrepid", not at all what I expected, I didn't like it at all and tbh I will not be buying another bridge pack without a "walk-through" first.

But this isn't a rant, the Devs like positive feedback so heres mine (it come in 2 parts; customizable and C-Store so please bear with me)

1. Customizable bridges
I would love the options that would come with creating your own bridge, choosing what size (will keep ALOT of people happy) and shape, placing where the consoles go and in what style, choosing a main screen/viewer, and as you place the consoles/stations you are able to designate which bridge officer will be stationed there ALL the time.
Lighting options, Lcars options including the option change that Defiant Lcar to the ship you're in (example) different floor levels, the list is endless which brings me to...

2. C-Store
we all know that the Devs have a long term policy of releasing more bridge packs to the C-Store, but there is another way to still gain funds through releasing a different type of Bridge Pack.

For instance, the only thing I did like about the "Intrepid" pack was the lil hologram doo-hickey on the front consoles, releasing an entire Bridge Pack of hologram consoles for your bridge would be great and thats something I would definitely buy (per account not per character)

Over on my right would be my science officer station, and on his console is a large hologram of a planet or solar-system and on the left on my engineers station is a hologram of my beautiful Sovereign rotating.

Mixing and matching different types of Bridge Packs would lead to so many different types of bridges that would probably also reflect on how you play that character.
Although some people would have "fun" and only put the captains chair in the center of the biggest bridge possible thats no way to win "Bridge Of The Year"

I'm sure there's other options but I thought I would throw this idea out there and get some feedback, thanks for taking the time to read as I really do think this may have alot of potential and more ideas we throw out then hopefully the Devs may get some ideas too. Peace.

P.S. thanks to Dstahl for guiding the ship in the right direction and to CptLogan; Wow man, the Sovvy, just WOW!

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