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# 1 List of Bugs
08-08-2010, 02:27 PM
Instead of ranting about the constant problems I encounter, I'll just list as many of the bugs and problems as I can remember and let them speak for the game's current state:

1. Rubber banding still isn't fixed. Random disconnects and SERVER NOT RESPONDING still happens all the time.
2. PayPal payments for this game are broken and my account got SUSPENDED.
3. Vice Admiral B'Tran Cluster is too crowded. Took me 5 minutes of flying around to get a single Explore mission. Needs more instances and a reduced cap for players of under 10.
4. Aid The Planet is broken. Either doesn't give the mission at all or you get no reward.
5. Ground Combat is broken at all difficulties, but especially above Normal. Two shot deaths.
6. Bridge Officers randomly fall through the world or disappear or just never beam down for ground missions.
7. BOs also run off in random directions while fighting, almost intentionally to aggro additional groups and get you killed. Setting a waypoint for them doesn't work, they never go to it.
8. Scanning for data samples is broken. All I get are the lowest quality ones no matter where I scan. (From Delta Volanis all the way through B'Tran)
9. Borg can root, stun, and slow in one hit and it seems to refresh and stack with each additional melee hit. If you get hit once it can spell defeat and that's not fun.
10. Diplomacy missions are too random to find and there aren't enough scripted missions to get you to even Attache without having to grind. Some people get them all the time and some people go hours inbetween finding a mission that gives Diplomacy exp. Jiro Sugihara doesn't hand out enough missions at a time and there's no timer for when you'll get more. He has no marker indicating when he has new missions.

11. Undine Fleet Action is broken. Undine ships never show up.
12. Deep Space Encounters/Defend Sector Blocks have become pointless. Nobody does them anymore.
13. No matter what the level difference is between you and a mission, missions show up on your Contact List. At Vice Admiral I don't need to know that I can Defend the Sirius Sector Block. Keep the missions available but take away the indicator when you're 10 levels over it or more.
14. Missions don't tell you the rewards after you've accepted. It needs to be in the Episode list under the description of the mission.
15. Ability tooltips are terrible. Too much math and yet still missing vital information like cooldown times. I have to use the ability to figure it out, then wait for it to cooldown.
16. Emblems are too hard to get. When you need 105 just to get a new set of Impulse Engines and you can only get 4 (3 from daily + 1 from 30 min repeatable) a day through the Daily B'Tran Exploration missions it's not worth doing. Yes, I know you can get more from PvP dailies, but that sounds like you're forcing people to do something they may not want to do.

17. PvP queues are still messed up. If I zone when I get the invite (which happens far too often because I do other things while I'm waiting), I lose my invite and I can't re-join the queue. I'm stuck in this limbo of not being able to leave the queue and not getting another invite.
18. Mark XI gear is nowhere near good enough to be worth farming all those emblems. The ground weapons, for example, are not even 10% better than their Mk X counterpart, and it's a ton easier to get the Mk X.
19. Dabo rewards are awful. Holoemitters that only last 15 minutes and then disappear cost anywhere from 20k to 75k or more Gold Pressed Latinum. That's ridiculous. After playing for 3 hours I had barely 33k GPL, and I hit Dabo 12 times. They need to be permanent items if they're going to cost that much.
20. Dabo itself needs to be changed. Increase the amount you can bet per slot, and increase the number of slots you can bet on.
21. Still a severe lack of licensed material. I facepalm'd when I saw an Explore mission with the "Ventraxians" and they talked about their god "Arda", clearly a rip on the Ventaxians and Ardra. Every Star Trek fan misses being able to meet the characters that should still be alive in this timeline.

My last suggestion is to please let the players, the fans, make Addons for this game. One reason why I think World of ******** is so popular is because it lets people make Addons. It will give Cryptic a great way to let the players fix some of the game's problems on their own and make the game more fun overall.

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