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# 1 C-Store Additions In General
08-08-2010, 09:06 PM
Cryptic, I know that it costs money to run an MMO, and I know that your employees need to be paid, but let's be frank about this "C-Store" business. I haven't counted it up so this is a rough guess, but let's look at the price of STO. The game costs $20 still if I'm not mistaken, it's $15 per month unless you dish out enough money to buy a brand new PS3, I'd guess that there's at least $100 worth of stuff in the C-Store, and the game's only been out for 6 months.

I wouldn't have a problem with your adding stuff that we can get by throwing even more money at you if it weren't for the fact that I'm already giving you 1/3 of what I originally paid for the game every single month and the C-Store content is at least equal to the amount of free content. There may be more C-Store content than content you give us; it sure feels like it.

I don't mean to whine or complain, but I feel a bit ripped off and like your priorities aren't quite where they should be. C-Store additions are far more frequent than free additions. The Klingons are still woefully lacking in content compared to the Federation. Team exploration missions have been bugged and impossible on the Federation side since the release of Season 2. When I last checked a couple days ago, the Fluidic Space fleet action was (at least for me) still bugged and impossible to finish. I've heard PvP is still bugged. The rare data sample accolade is still bugged since I have a fair few more than 10 different kinds but still haven't completed that. I still occasionally see bugged explore missions with NPCs and anomalies underground and unreachable. The price of Mk XI equipment is completely unreasonable. Deadlines have been pushed back and bugs ignored, yet the C-Store keeps getting more items.

It seems to me that the company's concern is money first, happy gamers second. The pricing, too, is crazy; $25 for the Galaxy-X? It's not even that powerful when you consider that the game costs less to buy than that one ship. I personally know of several people who have quit playing STO for the reasons I have just described, and I'm on the fence about it.

Cryptic, please, I'm begging you as a gamer who feels cheated and a Star Trek fan who would hate to see this game fail; reassess your priorities and make sure they're in order, because we players are starting to wonder. Races, ships, bridges, ship skins, character costumes, items; why are these more important than actual gameplay additions? I hope I'm wrong, but the only reason I can see is because they make more money for you. Give the Klingons access to more than 3 sector blocks. Give us all open PvP, in a third shard if necessary. Give us (especially the Klingons) more missions. Fix the plethora of unresolved bugs.

We're not happy. "The customer is always right." That expression has its limitations, of course, but there's a lot of truth to the meaning behind it. We bought this game hoping to get a massive Star Trek adventure. What I see is another Star Trek game that happens to have other people. The adventure of exploring enemy space is only there for moments. The excitement of powerful enemies is either not there or on steroids (difficulty imbalances). Despite being at war with the Klingon Empire, Federation ships can only engage them in what feels like nothing more than war games, not true combat. I pass planet after planet down to which I cannot beam. I pass system after system I can't enter at my leisure. If I'm attacked while near the new Romulan capital planet, I can just warp out and be as safe as if I were at Earth; no adventure or danger.

I apologize if I seem overly critical, but after six months, I'm getting a bit frustrated. I keep saying "Wait till the next update, things will get better," and the next update either brings more things I can buy from you or more bugs; rarely does it bring new content for which I don't have to pay extra or any bug fixes. I paid more for this game when it came out than a game for my Wii, and since buying it, I've paid you the equivalent of two more Wii games. Any one of those Wii games could give me more content with fewer bugs than Star Trek Online can right now, and it saddens me. I'm not trying to get myself banned. I'm not trying to offend your design and maintenance teams. I'm simply trying desperately to express my distress and hope that someone will read this and take it seriously.

I'm begging you, Cryptic; stop wringing us for every extra penny you can and give us the content our money has earned us.

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