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08-09-2010, 11:30 PM
I only partly agree with the OP.

The C-Store is not an atrocious idea -- it's a little discomfiting what with the subscription we pay. I can see, however, that this is a very customizable-content-intensive game, in that you aren't merely changing textures (like you do with a lot of the costumes in CoX (and even they charge for some of the more recent costume additions)) you're changing character models. This is pretty resource-intensive, so -- based on how $15 ten years ago should be $20 these days -- I can see how some additional revenue to keep more modellers on staff is necessary.

I am even not too unhappy with the amount of stuff being put into the C-Store compared to released content. There's very little the CapnLogan has to do with scripting new missions or coding new tech or debugging stuff. He models ships; that's what he does. In fact it would not surprise me if C-Store revenue is paying for CapnLogan.

HOWEVER... There are a few things I'm uncomfortable with regarding the C-Store. We have not yet heard back from dstahl about the proposal made to convert merits to C-Points, though judging by the introduction of Emblems and their use in unlocking additional ships, and that the T5 Excelsior is explicity excluded from that, I'm guessing that idea didn't take flight. This flies in the face of the original intention that things in the C-Store would be available through in-game actions. (And no, the 500 emblem grind does not bother me all that much, though it IS a lot.) Some sort of explanation as to what happened there would be appreciated but I doubt one will be forthcoming, which is unfortunate.

I would *very* much like for them to release more content, particularly more Klingon content. If this game had released when it was ready -- say, a year after it did release -- then we would not have nearly the content issues that we do now. Instead, now in addition to generating content, the team has to go bug hunting as well as introduce more and new content, and do that while the servers are 'live' which limits how many changes they can add and how much testing they can do. I do not think -- at this time -- that C-Store content vastly outweighs in-game content, though it sure can look that way. And if they aren't careful, it CAN get that way very quickly. It is a situation that deserves close watching and which needs to be very carefully balanced, especially since it is torquing off a lot of players. Wether they're justified in feeling angry or not is immaterial; there are players who are angry and they need to have their concerns addressed.

One final note: Open PvP does not seem to be desired by the majority of the playerbase, and a new shard seems unlikely. I will, however, gladly support RvR sector blocks that do not include PvE content, possibly as part of the Sector Space revamping. In fact such sectors could even entice people who are not normally into PvP into trying it out. (And while they're at it, cojoin the borders of the Romulans and the Klingons, so they can get in on that RvR action as well when they're introduced as a playable faction. Then do the same for the Breen, Feds, and Cardies.)

(This last idea does get me to ponder that one of the reasons why so many people are upset is because there is SO MUCH that can be done with the franchise in an MMO! and yet the one-year-too-early, contractually-obligated release (thanks so gorram much, Atari and CBS!) will negatively color the game for longer than a year.)

Anyway *shrug* my two centicredits.

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