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Give extend shields, FaW, transfer shield strength, and possibly other buffing/healing skills a HUGE taunt/threat generation component that causes PC's and NPC's to auto-target the buffer. Doing so would at least force the NPC's and other players to acknowledge the "threat" and refocus (re-target) their efforts.

With all of the photonic fleets and fleet reinforcements in PvP missions these days, it would give science vessels and cruisers the added value of a serious distraction, while not changing the core components of an arena or engagement.

Imagine being in an arena mission where both sides determine there is an alpha-target and start their barrage, only to be distracted by a reactionary FaW or timely tss or extend. It would definitely cause DPS players to remain focused and make all players feel inherently relevant to mission success. Once again, the skills mentioned would just cause auto-targeting to focus on the buffer. PC's would obviously switch back to their previous target, but NPC's would stay focused until destroyed or distracted/taunted by something else. It moves all space combat from a mindless pew pew session towards a psuedo tactical space simulation that I'm sure all the dedicated Star Trek gamers miss from previous games.

I know many other MMO's have similar mechanics in place for such situations, but the intensity of such things in STO is really non-existent in it's current flavor. Your feedback or suggestions are welcomed!

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