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When i got my first tribble with a 1 hour buff i did see the buff on Gound and in Space
it was actually ACTIVE for the promissed 60 minutes.

then Cryptic said that it was a bug, that the buffs should not be active in space.
Point taken, but then every time i beamed up the buff was gone completely, so when i beamed down a minute later, to the next exploration planet, i had to re-pet my Tribble to get the buffs running again.

Hated it... kind of annoying to have to pet them EVERY time you beam down.

then with some Patch or Season update the "Bug" surficed again, hooray.
it was like that for weeks.

in the latest patch suddenly, without a patch note it was *fixed* again, so now, no more 1 hour tribble buff.

What the HELL is going on there?
- if you promise me a 1 HOUR buff i would like to get a 1 HOUR buff and not a *until you beam up*-buff.
- the switching between those 2 modes is almost more annoying because i dont feel like it is a bug one or the other way.

So my request would be:
make it so that the actual buff is ACTIVE for the promissed 60 minutes, but is just not displayed in Space, and when i beam down i want to see it again at 50 minutes or whatever it is by then.

Also it would be nice if the same would be possible for the BOffs.
They only randomly pet their Tribbles so it takes a while for them to get buffed up and every time i beam down all the tribble buffs are gone.

...and yes that is what i am actually complaining about :p
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08-10-2010, 03:58 PM
Hey Z your complaint is justified. The issue involves sloppy programming I think. Ever Transwarp back to Earth Space Dock? Once you do, you can't do it again for another 25 minutes right? Now that timer runs ONLY when you're on your ship. Set foot on Tera Firma or logoff and the timer stops. Beam back to your ship or log back on and the timer starts again.

My question is could the Devs have used the same programming on the Tribble timer? A timer that would only run while out of space flight? Anyway, keep touching the Tribble like everybody else. Wonder if they sell Rogaine on the Exchange? A bald Tribble doesn't sound very cute.
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08-11-2010, 12:11 AM
Yes, both these issues are annoying and pretty lame. I have stopped using my pet as I usualy forget to use it and find out at the mission end. Then I use it and boom it is gone the moment I beam up. Another of Cryptic's jokes on our account. Here come 120 points totaly wasted.

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