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08-11-2010, 12:59 AM
ok, i allready writen a tiket, got answered

reactivation doesnt work - #946492 - Star Trek Online

I keep getting this message when ai try to reactivate my account

"Your payment method was declined. Please verify the information you have provided is correct. If you believe this is an error, please try another payment method or contact us for support here."

this are the settings for my last paymant and the money are in the account, but as last time, in my country curency
i remember the first time i encountered a similar problem, but i dont remember how i solve it, maybe i just waited a few days, i dont remember for sure
can somebody from the billing dev team help me with additional information about this declination?
i played this weekend and got the taste for star trek once more
pls answer fast, my star trek char is on red alert and with a core breach on final countdown
i feel if i not give him the right orders fast, he will die in a big booooooom

Greetings! Thank you for contacting Cryptic Studios Billing Support. Unfortunately your payment method was not approved by your card issuing bank. Please contact your bank regarding this attempted purchase or add a new payment method to your account and attempt your purchase again. I have removed the existing listed payment methods so that you can enter them fresh. When doing so, pay close attention to all information that you add. A typo in an address is often the reason for a failure. If you continue to have issues with your payment, please reply to this ticket with any additional information that may help us in providing assistance. Regards, Chris Cryptic Studios Billing Support
the problem is that i cant seem to find any way to replay to a tiket of mine, so i posted the tiket here and maybe Chris reads the forum and help me some more

i talk to the bank and they said that no enquire for online paymant was made, therefore, i conclude the problem is in the "enter new credit card payment metod" section where i get the error: "Your payment method was declined."

i verified today also, and with a lot of atention
the data i suplied is corect

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