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08-09-2010, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by startrektrekkie
hi I was just wondering I cant get the startrek online to succefully lunch after the patching of the game after installing the game by cd, it just simply hangs and does nothinging when you click engage.

I havent been able to play now for about a week now. so anyone know what I can do I have already sent a message over to the support team and that doesnt ever do any good because they are extreamly behind on all of their errors from the game so still waiting on a responce from all of my other errors .

Anything would be great and helpfull.
What would be helpful for you is to post in the Technical Issues forum, not the Welcome Back Weekend thread.

Also, did you do a Force Verify?
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08-09-2010, 10:26 AM
Wow like a magnet! I have seen a positive, and a negative attitude to the welcome back weekend the issue of bugs seem to keep popping up. I can say in my own words season 2 was nice but incomplete. If you look at what was posted about season 2 it seems that its really missing content.

On that same note I think it looks like Cryptic went about this the wrong way. I think they should have used some of the conventions like Gen con, or Las Vegas to find new players rather than invite back old one who still have sour taste in there mouth.

In the end I think the big issue is the bugs keep coming, the coding gets longer, and no one wants to fix it.
Things like enemies inside buildings, enemies on top of buildings. Yesterday the crystal entity (Really Needs to be changed out!) Was stuck in the planet! These issues when your dealing with monthly subscriptions and the fact that you can solve most of the main plot in a monthís time hurts Star Trek online.

The new content is good and added about a weeks play time.

Thatís the issue with these monthly games. In the end I think I spent $182 on year subscript to the game and preorder $20.00 dollars on C-store items. Is the game better YES!!!. Will I renew at the end of the year

Also at some point I would love to sit in my ready room.

As I pointed out before in a 2nd post The amomily mini game is great however it needs to be tweeked just a bit right now rare cards can't stack, the mini game works on the ground but it gives you 1 rad card . Tacyon cards, Encoded data, and plasma samples the cards really needed for mid level reseach are Well Missing! from the mini game!!!!!!!!!

Also at some point can someone tell me what I am suppose to do with the Rare Cards there taking up a lot of bank space since I have about 13 since the start of 2.

Thanks Were So Demanding!
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08-09-2010, 11:10 AM
I played STO welcome back the whole weekend. I thought I was gonna be fine without it come Monday but I just cant get all those sweet anti-proton weapons on my ship and not use em! I really enjoyed fluidic space and what new content there was... I freaking love Trek... I have learned this game is completely what you make of it... I just let my inner nerd out and sing the Trek theme while I am doing space battles....FTW. I am also making my friend Matt resub to play with me. Thanks for the new content and see you guys in game!
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08-10-2010, 04:43 PM
At least my CC answered my question. . . when it sent me a notice that it paid my sub, on the 7th.

I'd have been money ahead to cancel my sub on the 3rd and renew it today.
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08-11-2010, 04:16 AM
Rats! I missed out on this event. I was doing other things for several weeks. I didn't check STO quick enough. I forgot a new season was coming out. It's patching now on my other computer. I have to use two computers, so I can play the game and see the web site. I could never get it to switch back and forth without the game screen going black and having to use the Task Manager to kill the game! The graphics won't switch right for some reason. I have been trying since open beta! I have updated the driver umpteen times but I still have to use both computers to play and read the forums at the same time!

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