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No TLDR, but any devs reading this I urge to read it through.

I preordered STO, got all STOked for it, and found myself profoundly disappointed at release. A blog post described the experience as "a few moments of magic caught in a transporter buffer and compensating for a phase variance."

So I leveled up to RA5, beat infected, got all purples and quit the game thinking to myself "I've seen everything, why would I continue to pay? This isn't an MMO." So six months later a friend of mine gets the game and I come back to level a new character with him (this was before welcome back weekend but as season 2 was going in). What do I find? A game almost completely free of bugs (right BEFORE s2), a difficulty slider, customizable end game gear, three new STFs and mere weeks later well written diplomacy missions that are SPELLED CORRECTLY (hey even that "continu" error in CotEoN got fixed) and five more levels.

This shows to me a small but diligent team who not only listens to their fans and works their hardest, but loves the game and doesn't take it personally when everyone accuses them of being bad at their jobs because they're not fixing your personal problem with the game right this second.

So to the devs at Cryptic, I fully planned to power through the STFs, get my purples and leave for many more months as disappointed as I was before, but in light of how much effort you guys have put into this I'm tempted to stick around because I know my 15 bucks is being put to good use. These improvements wouldn't have happened without our continued support and input and I KNOW this can be a truly great experience.

My sincerest thanks.

As to the future, you have promised a revamp of sector space, a revamp of ship interiors and new exploration systems that aren't the pizzabox of repeatomissions that we have now. As an MMO lover and not just a trekkie I'd like to chip in my two cents on how to keep my ilk around while you're doing these overhauls:

Finish the fleet queue system for fleet actions and 1:1 duels first then add reasons to do them "end game." Specifically I'm talking about Crystalline Entity here. You guys have an Onyxia style raid boss sitting there just daring fleets to not only kill it, but kill it on Elite difficulty. But no one will do it unless you toss in the carrot on a stick. loot plz.

Second, make loot itself more fun and unique. We've all seen all the abilities and stat modifiers but when I was in the Cure I found a "Borg Medical Analyzer Kit" or something like that that had a slightly different ability set than others. PLEASE make specific loot tables for specific bosses with 90% unique items. Make people farm a boss five times because "I can't get item x to drop" because they'll do it gladly if the carrot is big enough rather than doing it for a randomly generated crap purple that no one needs (compression pistols FTL). Stick some unique loot on CE and you have turned a level hazard into the reason to farm emblems and write a decent application to a good guild using content that mostly already exists.

I hope these considerations can be added to your list of meeting topics because I know some dev will read this and it will be taken seriously as you guys have shown in the past. Seriously, thank you.
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08-11-2010, 05:14 AM
I agree!

Cryptic is doing a great job! Only thing I would like is for them to swap some of their facous from new content to bug fixing...wich is exactly what they've said they'll do in the weeks to come

As for loot. YES PLEASE! Give us some unique loot, and KEEP IT UNIQUE! (what the heck, give us ANY loot in the B'Tran and I will start doing explores again...if they fix the teaming too...)
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08-11-2010, 08:10 AM
yes, yes a million times yes. I work for a software house and that sir is what we call a quick win. This would go a long way to keeping people engaged day in day out.

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