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# 1 Welcome back shout-outs
08-11-2010, 09:34 AM
Unfortunately i have to say i didn't see a lot of the people from my friends list play STO during the last Welcome Back Weekend. Haven't seen a lot of my friends in a long time. But i did get to make some new friends, which is always nice.

I'd like to open a thread where the KDF can do some shout-outs to the players we've met, but who left before their time. A thread where, if any former players are still watching the forums, they can know they're missed dearly.
With new PvE missions, a new level cap, and improvements to pvp q's in the works, things are finally starting to look up for the Empire and now is an exciting time to get back into STO.

I'll start off. Here's some friends i use to do a lot of ground pvp with, some of them space too, if any you guys can see this we miss ya and hope to see ya again soon!
@alucardbell, @break102, @ellisDwilder, @freaddead, @kamanu, @mildesuper, @MiraNova, @Neubaur, @Ntbreed, @Slacon, @Uncalm, @Urbanlamb, @Vandarix, @Slamz, @Meatmachine

I'd like to state clearly this is NOT a naming and shaming thread, if you use to play with any of these peeps and have anything negative to say about them keep it to yourself. This space is reserved for reaching out to our friends that haven't been in-game a while and welcoming them back.

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