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Can we have a discussion about BOs? Specifically why are they all crippled by the ship you are using while in space, but in ground missions get to use all of their potential ground powers (by rank). It drives me nuts because even at VA I can't use all of my BO's powers unless I change ship class. So I have no incentive to promote / worry about my science officer's upper tier powers because I can never use them.

I think this can change with the addition of Chiefs and 2nd officers, as maybe part of your 2nd officer is the ability to use all of their powers e.g. a universal commander level slot. This could mean I could equip a science officer or engineering officer on my escort and get all their powers! which would be great.

I also know that part of the issue is that too many of the skills are present in BO and not in specific classes. If i could choose or change my captain traits like i change my BO's skills it would give me a lot more flexibility to choose / work for powers that could fit my play style. Say sacrificing sensor scan for tractor beam, instead of relying on BO's to get that for me.

There will of course be a balance issue that can be addressed by upping the bonuses each ship can provide for each specialization. E.g. two deflector slots for science, or a power surge for cruiser.

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