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Originally Posted by Casull454 View Post
If you mess with USS then you mess with star trek. star trek was invented by the USA thats why it has the Naval Prefix of USS for United States Ship. That should never change. I dont want to see an HMS Whatever flying around cause Britian didnt create star trek nor was it resonsible for creation of the first warp capable ship. I agree that Redenberry should have come up with a different prefix like SFS, Star Fleet Ship, he descided to base it off of the Naval Fleet of the country he lived in. If another country created Star Strek you can bet all ships would have their national warship's prefix. Another stolen Prefix is NCC, NC is the prefix for a Civilian Private Aircraft of some sorts. They added another C at the end cause it looked better then descided it stood for Naval Construction Contract.

Coming up with all kinds of different prefixes is stupid unless they add other kinds of ships. There's two kinds: Warships and Civilian Ships. So only two Prefixes are needed: USS and SS. Any other prefixes would be noncanon, and would upset alot of ppl.
The United States Ship prefix doesn't have anything to with the U.S.S. in Star Trek in the fictional world, or in the real world. In Star Trek its "United Space Ship" as in the United Federation of Planets (and in Gene Roddenberry's notes for the pilot, and in two episodes in the original series the prefix is defined as such). The U.S. still exists as a political entity in the 24th century but lost a large amount of its relevance after handing over sovereignty to the united world government in 2150 and even more so when that government handing off a large portion of its sovereignty to the new United Federation of Planets in 2161.

Different prefixes should be added as they add racial ships. The Andorian Imperial Guard, Vulcan High Command, whatever the Tellarites called their navy, etc, probably still exist in some form as the planetary equivalent of the national guard. The more choices they can give us in a game, so more prefixes please.
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08-11-2010, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by ****tor View Post
Ah but you Did thread necro anway!

My opinion is that the ISS prefix should be saved for when we'll have a Mirror Universe faction to play as.
I.S.S. should only not be used EXCEPT by the Terran Empire Faction.

U.S.S. in Star Trek refers to United Federation Of Planets Star/Space Ship, hence U.S.S.
U.F.P.S.S. just sounds stupid and is a Mouthfull.

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