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I am quite fond of the inclusion of Diplomatic Missions.

However, they're not quite complete.

Here are the changes that need to be made:

1. Add a cooldown timer to Jiro, so we know when the next mission can be taken.

2. Make the mission enter the mission log, so we know what mission/s we're doing.

And although this next one doesn't affect the missions, it would be a nice touch.

3. For each Rank of Diplomat gained, scale up the Diplomatic XP gained.
For example:
Rank 1: 10 DXP
Rank 2: 20 DXP
Rank 3: 30 DXP
Rank 4: 40 DXP
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# 2
08-02-2010, 11:32 PM
I was wondering how often Jiro offers "newspaper" missions at the Attache level. It seems like the cooldown on those are too long.
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# 3
08-04-2010, 03:05 PM
About once every hour.

It doesn't change at higher levels, I'm a level 3 Diplomat.

As far as I can tell, the First Contact missions occur every 20-24 hours.

This is why we need cooldown timers, to clarify how long between missions it is and when we can retake the next one.
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# 4
08-04-2010, 03:36 PM
Jiro's been acting strange since I hit envoy. I can get offered 3 different missions at once. And then shortly after that get offered another two.

And First Contacts are offered up at very odd intervals.

Some say daily like the post above. Some say every 5 hours or so.

I think Jiro is on a timer, but the missions are different. Like Jiro basically goes on a rotation of zones to offer missions.

I can't quite find any consistency to him yet.

And it is different from when it was on Tribble.
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# 5
08-06-2010, 10:14 AM
The only real problem I have with diplomacy is doing it at an Admiral level, it's a horrible, pointless grind that should not have happened in my opinion. We did a crapload of these missions levelling to RA5 prior to Season 2 and now there is the grind of doom cherry picking diplomacy missions in the expanses.
This means that there are a hell of a lot of very high level characters floating around waiting for anomaly spawns to get the grind done.

It wouldn't be so bad if more of the missions gave diplomacy xp like recovering bases with combat, rescuing distressed ships, etc. Those are all diplomatic type missions that don't even qualify as gunboat diplomacy since the distressed ships are the innocents.
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# 6
08-09-2010, 03:24 AM
Ok, this cool-down thing is starting to bug me.

When i started doing 'newspaper' missions I got One cluster to go to and i could do several missions there... even in a team, though it was still a bit bugged... Now it's fly to a cluster, get ONE mission... thanks for coming, travel to next cluster! For Real?!? Travel to next cluster thinking.. might just be that the cluster is bugged... arrive, see mission and complete it... back to Cluster view and it's gone again!

So was the multiply missions in the beginning of Season 2 just to bait us, because if it was... FAIL! It's taken me 3 days to gain 60xp and only because I RP heavily, but even if i wasn't, i don't really feel like floating around the cosmos to do ONE mission an hour! It's annoying! For those of us that want to get the Ambassador, it's a kick in the tribble sack! PVP and Fleet Events get held up, because someone is traveling the quadrant hunting down the one mission. And i know it was posted in another thread already, but what the hell is up with all these damn combat missions? You get to a cluster and warp in and out till you THINK you have a non-combat mission, beam down.. scan away happily and then it's "Oh Noes, Captain. We are not alone anymore" OK, so when did the galaxy get populated with stalkers anonymous?

I seriously hope this gets fixed soon... that is assuming it is a glitch, because if it's not... BAD CRYPTIC! *rolls up newspaper*
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# 7
08-10-2010, 09:02 AM
The multiple DI missions in the Arcturis Arm was a bug. You're only meant to have one DI mission on each call from the ambassador.
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# 8
08-11-2010, 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by Chaser617 View Post
The multiple DI missions in the Arcturis Arm was a bug. You're only meant to have one DI mission on each call from the ambassador.
Thank you for clearing that up
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# 9
08-12-2010, 11:00 PM
bout the "D" missions i have to say they are an awesome addition in the game!

but at this point i think the devs should have taken more time working on them...forget the bugs...

im talking about story and content...heard an interview from the EP...he has some cool ideas...

but we want...NEED...more!

i remember when i played the first three missons(vulkan,bajor,SB39)...although there is no actuall desision making(and im happy bout that...cause it would get too complicated...its an cant save) felt pretty dang good!for a moment i forgot that this game is an mmo (well simply cause all we do is exterminate entire species of enemies with just one ship or just 1 captain and 4 BOs,about every hour for crying out loud!)...and i actually enjoyed the "story".

it felt good!actually i found a newly arisen respect for the devs.

BUT now i need,WE need more of that!

p.s. dear devs i know youre gonna do it...just do it in bigger doses!:p

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