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# 1 Multiple Transwarps and the UI
08-15-2010, 02:43 AM
It seems we are reaching the point where we have more powers than hotkeys. I know it is possible to flip through up to 10 different "rows" of buttons on the hotkey panel, but that's kind of clumsy and inefficient. When other games give you more powers than hotkeys, they make a seperate pop-up window or "keychain" for extra, little used abilities. I recall seeing a little open area in the lower right hand corner next to the hotkey bars that would work fine for the Diplomatic Transwarp buttons and Quantum Slipstream Drive, and any other quick travel destinations in the future.

There are also certain powers that I don't want to accidentally hit or use on a hotkey, like oh, say, Self Destruct. I'd rather keep it to the side and mouse-click it if I really need to. Since Ramming Speed is now crap, it might as well join them there. Also, I have two torpedoes fore and aft, and use hotkey space to keep an eye on the overlapping cooldowns, but all torps are fired with one button. These icons can go in this new space as well.

And for the record, having the transwarp powers share a cooldown really sucks. It's not like there's any way to abuse or exploit this power. If you have the transwarp to K7, 39 Sierra and DS9, then you've likely done all the diplomatic quests that require you to travel back and forth to those spots anyway. What am I gonna do, play Dabo in two different sector blocks and be back at Earth One before dinner? EXPLOIT!
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# 2
08-15-2010, 05:02 AM
Agreed shared cool down on transwarp sucks, it's annoying me more now because I am still doing diplomacy I have just 120 more points to get before I unlock the last set of powers. As the set up, I have all my trans warps on row 4, so when i want to use one I just click that up arrow hit and hit the down arrow before the tanswarp animation ends.
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# 3
08-15-2010, 06:25 AM
Not to mention that the shared cooldown on those is incredibly broken right now. If I use K7 for example, they'll all hit 30 minute cooldown. ten minutes and a few zone in and zone outs later they're all ready to use again but Sol. that timer resets to 29 minutes constantly for me.

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