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# 1 Mission impossible?
08-15-2010, 02:21 PM
I have a serious concern about ground mission balance. In normal difficulty, both space and land battles are far too easy. You just can't die, except if you're screwing something up really badly.
But if you increase the difficulty to Advanced, space combat becomes more fun and challenging, while land battles become impossible. AI performs poor with my bridge officers and I'm always outnumbered at least 1,5:1 in battles. The Klingons are stronger (more than double HP and similar shield strength), so it's no problem to them to come close to me, draw their Bath'Leths and slice me into pieces with two strikes. They also tend to attack the player instead of the bridge officers, so they charge in pack you. If you survive the first wave of their attack, you're definitely on low HP and 0 shield. Also, their sowrdmasters and armament officers deal so many damage that with one shot/blow they disable your shields and from there you're hopeless.

Am I the only one who thinks that land battles are unbalanced? How should I kill 10 Klingons with their targs, Bath'Leths, powerful guns and double HP? Am I doing something wrong? Why I fail on the ground while I can easily win in the space?

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