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This game got pretty bad reviews from IGN and Gamespot but I don't let "critics" dictate what I would or would not enjoy so here is what I thought of the game.

The character creation was great, the amount of customization was very impressive which immediately puts that section above pretty much every other MMO out there. So I started off running around and talking to a few people and when the ground combat section started I immediately felt like I was playing a simplified version of Mass Effect which mind you isn't a negative thing. I did actually enjoy the ground combat very much despite how easy it was I felt like I was kicking butt shooting lasers and stuff.

Then came the space combat which I absolutely loved and don't see myself getting bored of anytime soon, the game is visually gorgeous and the space combat truly feels epic. The shield direction, flanking and firing made me feel like I was playing Pirates! again and was pleasantly familiar. So after I finished that section I was forced to warp to Sol so that I may dock at the station and talk to some Admiral guy and that is when everything went downhill. I really can't tell you about anything after docking because I still have yet to dock. After numerous attempts at docking I am constantly met with my ship jerking back and forth like it's severely lagging and a "Server Not Responding" message which counts how long the server has not been responding for.

My connection is extremely fast and there are no downloads going on so there should be no reason for this but it has very much turned me off the game especially since I have been trying to dock for a while now to no avail. I would very much like to subscribe to this game as it is entertaining but I don't see how I can when I can't even seem to play it anymore.


I have managed to dock at the star port and found out that the problem was serverside, the area was simply so laggy that the server would simply stop responding. Once I undocked from the station the lag continued and I am once again met with the same problem. It appears that this game is unplayable due to these issues and hopefully in the future it can clear them up so people can enjoy the game.

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