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Sign, I know it's kind of a wall of text, but I worked on it for days. After 4 days in the ten forward thread, no one has commented. So, maybe some of you kind folks will have the patience and stamina to give me some feedback on my UGC diplomacy mission.


The model for this UGC is loosely based on the Bajoran diplomatic mission.


You receive a hail from K'trel, head administrator of the mining facility. He asks for your assistance in mediating a trade dispute with a Ferengi merchant who is threatening to become violent.

"We are not a violent people, Captain," he adds, "We ask for your help in bringing this dispute to a peaceful and mutually beneficial conclusion."

After assembling your away team, you beam down to a large conference room with K'Trel and his staff on one side of the room, and the Ferengi with his Breen henchmen on the other.

[I won't go through all the dialogue trees step by step, but here is what you discover after talking to both the administrator and the Ferengi]:

1. The Ferengi has a contract with the mining outpost to receive a steady supply of a compound called tritium phosphate [or insert technobable here].

2. The neutral faction has refused to supply the Ferengi with further amounts of the compound due to a breach of contract.

3. The Ferengi claims that no such breach has occurred.

You ask to examine the contract, and it looks legit. There is a stipulation that the tritium phosphate cannot be sold or used for military or non-peaceful purposes. This is the clause that the neutral factor believes has been broken.

You ask the neutral faction for evidence that the Ferengi is breaching this clause. K’Trel directs you to his Bajoran assistant. This assistant tells you a detailed story about his recent escape from a Breen slave-labor mining facility. The POW (Dominion War) spent many years in dilithium mines barely surviving. More recently, the Breen rounded all of the prisoners up and transported them to new mining facilities, where the top priority was mining tritium phosphate. At an opportune moment during the transport, the slaves rebeled, killing enough Breen to make contact with Bajor at a communications terminal.

The POW now suspects that the Ferengi is serving as a middle-man, supplying the Breen with the compound. Because this compound is so highly sought after by the Breen, the Bajoran and K’Trel believe that the Breen must be using the compound for military purposes. But, they really don’t have solid evidence of that, just suspicion.

You confront the Ferengi, and he denies everything, claiming that the Breen henchmen are merely his personal bodyguards. He also claims that his customers are peaceful civilian colonists who use the compound for heat generators (as does the neutral faction). “Why,” he asks, “would the Breen of all creatures need to produce so many heat generators?”

You go to a computer to do research where you discover that:

1. The POW’s story about the recent escape matches up with recent celebrations on Bajor and other worlds, where long-lost POWs finally returned.

2. Since the end of the Dominion War, there have been more signs of strengthened ties between the Ferengi and the Breen. Apparently, the Ferengi are profiting from the Breen’s relatively weak position after the collapse of the Dominion, while the Breen are using Ferengi for intel- and resource-gathering within Federation space.

3. The compound is indeed used for heat generators, although a Starfleet scientist is doing research on the compound at K-7. Apparently, he believes that the tritium phosphate may have applications for Federation energy dampening weapons technology. His research proposal is available to read and study.

4. You also read about the history of the Breen and their energy dampening super-weapon during the Dominion War. Interesting, Klingon ships were immune to the weapon by adjusting their “tritium intermix.”

You ask for sample of the compound, which the administrator provides. After experimenting on the compound, while using the scientist’s research proposal, you discover that the tritium phosphate can be used to modify a Breen energy dampening weapon, thus eliminating the ability of the Federation to use counter-measures against a new Breen wonder weapon. The scientist didn't discover this because he was investigating Federation, not Breen, technology.

So, what started out as a trade dispute mediation may now involve the fate of the galaxy. You are given three choices:

A. Inform that administrator that he lacks definitive proof, and that he must supply the Ferengi with the compound. (FAIL) – Fire fight ensues. The Bajoran fires first.

B. Inform the Ferengi that the evidence is persuasive (FAIL) – Fire fight ensues. The Breen fire first.

C. Contact Starfleet (WIN) - Starfleet intelligence has been monitoring the Ferengi merchant for some time now. They did not understand why the Breen wanted the compound, but they were concerned about growing alliances between the Breen and the Ferengi. With their information, you are able to present the Ferengi with undeniable proof that he is supplying the Breen with the compound. After citing the 34th rule of acquisition, "War is good for business," he agrees to leave peacefully.


10 Diplomacy XP for you!
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08-15-2010, 01:32 PM
needs more undine... or some breen suits
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08-15-2010, 02:59 PM
I think it is pretty good right up to the final choices (and even then perfectly acceptable). You might want to add some additional verbiage/clarification to sort of give the player-captain an understanding of the galatic-shaking implications of the decision they're about to make.

Also, I'd have the science officer examine the contract and not the captain, that's too much like real work!
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08-15-2010, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Sign, I know it's kind of a wall of text, but I worked on it for days. After 4 days in the ten forward thread, no one has commented. So, maybe some of you kind folks will have the patience and stamina to give me some feedback on my UGC diplomacy mission.
no one is posting mission feedback in that thread, so dont feel singled out. that thread is more or less just to post the idea not discuss each one in depth.

i glanced over it and from what i saw i liked it, some nice references and i like multiple choice options in any mission. i thought it was pretty good

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