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# 1 Assigning crew positions
08-15-2010, 05:51 PM
First off - I really do like the ship interiors. Yes, they are a little generic, and I think there are more crew wandering around the decks of my BoP interior than actually are assigned to the ship, but, hey, we can only improve on them, right?

Here's one idea for improvement - being able to assign crew positions.

Currently, our boffs are assigned to random bridge positions of their relevent type - tactical officers tend to end up in "helm" positions, science are off to the back working on some waveform, engineering are off to the side, and any left over tacs seem to be manning security consoles near the bridge door.

However, the assignment is random. The boff I consider to be my xo is at times in the flight controller position, and the flight controller sometimes in the left hand seat next to the captain's chair. I don't think it would be difficult to fix this.

Could it be difficult for cryptic to add a set of drop-down menus in the ship customisation interface/assignment menu to assign specific positions for our officers? That way, when we visit our ship interiors, they're at their correct places.

Example positions:

Executive Officer (left hand seat next to captain's chair)
Operations Officer
Flight Controller (front "helmsman")
Communications Officer
Chief Tactical/Weapons Officer
Security Chief

In addition, we could also have our officers in specifc locations around the ship according to their assignment:

Medical Officer (in Sickbay) - and if no medical officer has been assigned, have an EMH mk IV in there instead (complete with snide remarks about the captian's health)
Chief Engineer (at main console in Engineering or Engineering Office) - after all, LaForge wasn't always on the Bridge

If an officer hasn't been assigned, then randomly place them around the bridge, and complete the set with the random boffs as per usual.

Yes, a little bit extra code, maybe a few hardware problems, but its that little bit of extra immersion that will mark the game out as special.

My name is Draco, and I approve this idea.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
08-15-2010, 07:23 PM
It's a good start. That said, it's only really a cosmetic fix that doesn't solve the larger problem - there's currently no means in-game to have actual positions and 'jobs' for our BOs like 'Flight Controller', 'Science Officer', 'Chief Engineer', etc.

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