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Hey Guys!

Since more than 2 months I'am collecting informations to possible improve the game with new features and enhancements!

Here is my list:

Special Effect (SFX)
//Add new effects
-> Choosable Warp Effects (By warping out a sector).
- Default (Looks like The Next Generation)
- Star Trek 3 Warp Effect (It's the best you look here: YOUTUBE LINK!!!)
- Star Trek Nemesis Warp Effect.
Why? Since all the movies there are a great collection of Warp Out Animations ... why not integrate them to become more individual gameplay?
Here all Warpings from the Movies:

-> More Transporter Effects
Choosable Transporter Effects
- Looks like "The Original Series"
- Looks like "The Next Generation"
- Looks like "Star Trek Yoyager"
- Looks like "Deep Space Nine"
- Looks like "Star Trek The First Contact"
- Looks like "Star Trek Nemesis"
Same thing with the Warp Out animations, more individual gameplay!

-> Fix Beaming Texture Lacks
If you Beam In/Out, some Textures of your character will colored into grey or black or whatever! Self thing with hairs. If not colored then will be shown some texture lacks.

//Change effects of skills
-> Evasive Maneuvers
Just let the Warp Engines glowing! The actual animations of these skill looks ridiculous.

-> Ramming Speed
Usable on 50% ... after using fragments of the damaged hull will floating off. Looks awesome and more dramatically.

-> Abandonded Ship
SFX is fine, capsules are flying away from your ship

Gameplay Improvements
-> Self decide: Yellow Alert, Red Alert, Default
I want the options to decide myself what alert i will use like in the movies!
no Alert: No shields, no weapons
Yellow Alert: Shield up but no weapons
Red Alert: Shields up and Weapons active.

-> More collisions!
Let the Ships collision with asteroids, ship wrecks such as other player ships!
Dont like the skill "Ramming Speed"... i fly against an asteroid and nothing happend, iam sliding away from it.
If Collision to Shields -> Damages the side of the shield, who's got the collision
If Collision to the hull -> System errors! Let systems crazed up! Off and on action for 2-5 Seconds (Engineering team will repair it immediately)
Here the optimal example:

-> Let the Ships exploding!
At the moment, the starship will turn a little bit and then explode with a big boom ... but where are wrecks? It looks, that the explosion will pulverize every small component of the ship.
No Trek feeling! If starship will explode they should leave some wrecks ... works also fine with my Collisions idea !!!

-> Special Skills for every T5+ Ship Class!
Like the new RetroFit Ships!
Add the lost Console for the new RetroFit Starships for the balance and add other unique skills for every Class (Assault Cruiser, Star Cruiser, Advanced Escort, Fleet Escort, Speed Space Science Vessel and Reconnaissance Science Vessel)
Here an example how you can use the bottom torpedo launcher of the sovereign class for a unique skill:
^- 6 Quantum Torpedos will fire from these Torpedo Ramp, each of them deal 15% more damage than default.
Result: More starship variety.

-> The possibility to upgrade lower Tier-Starships to T5 with a default overall Skill to balance with the T5+ Unique Skills (Overall Skills are only vor T4 or lower)
Result: Much more starship variety!

Camera Improvements
-> Oh my god, my ship is empty!
You will know if your camera is to close than your ship mostly you will see through the Hull and explore, that your ship has no interiors.
Its not possible to fill the empty space with any small added texture like in star trek legacy?
Otherwise just adjust the Camera that you dont zoom large that you can see the empty interiors or after a camera collision with any asteroid.
For example, the colissioned asteroid will just fade out!

-> Add an Option, to disable auto-rotate camera by warp in/out or Transport in/out

-> Add an option, to fix the current camera zoom, if the option is enabled there is no zoom in/out.

Movement Improvements
Why i cant fly any rolls on the space? Just fly up and down ... i will have completely the control of my ships movement! Not only turn left and right or fly up and down, want to make yaw and pitch actions!

Graphical Improvements
-> Starship Bridges
More love to the details please! Also more Bridges from the Movies/Series.
Look here for some example how many failures are in the C-Store Galaxy Bridge:
Also look over the starbases to fix some console grapic failures to !

Server based
Increase the player that are allowed in one instance! Only 20 Players in one instance? That is not a Massive Multiplayer, instanced are fine for the server performance but remember, this ist a MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER GAME...

(my english is not the best but i think, you will understand it )

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