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# 1 Things I'd like ta see....
08-08-2010, 03:55 PM
Well I have to say I'm impressed with what cryptic has done with this universe.... but there is so much more that can be done!! Here are just a few ideas of how to make things feel more like Star Trek and less redundant...

#1... WHERES MY FIRST OFFICER? Seriously... if I've learned anything from watching Star Trek its that a Captain is nothing without his first officer. Maybe appointing a first officer could give some broad overlaying buff. It would be awesome if u could appoint Chief Med officer and Chief Engineering. So like haveing a Med officer could have an Alive Crew bonus that increases with lvl...EVERY star trek had a Chief Med, Chief of Security and Chief Engineer, and most importantly a First Officer!!

#2 It was awesome to be able to leave the bridge and explore your own ship, but it still feels so small and insignificant. You can't interact, with the environment. There are no holodecks no shuttlebays. You could even add holo program missions... fight in Bashir and O'Briens' Alamo program... or Data's Sherlock... I don't know, it just seems like the ship should be more accessible!!

#3 I also feel like point and click and you're done is a little shallow for Starfleet... I like the addition of the scanning anomaly game. There should be more like that.. mini-games to de-crypt enemy transmissions... working on warp cores... stuff like that!

#4 And lastly for now... why on Earth is there no forms on the thousands of planets we explore?? Thats just crazy!! It feels empty and lifeless!!

So there you have it.. just a few ideas to bring this already potentially awesome game to SIK AWESOME!!

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# 2 more ideas....
08-15-2010, 03:02 PM
So I bought a runnabout the other day and was dissapointed that you cant visit the interior... I know it's small but c'mon...

I bring that up cus it would be sweet to have a shuttlebay for your runnabout. You could take it out but would have to remember where you parked your starship! And the observation lounge and ready room... theres already a great template for the observation lounge in one of the Diplomatic missions.

I've seen some great suggestions on forums and through STOked. The mini-games are a great idea and I'n excited to see that cryptic bought out the rights. But something even more interesting was the BO Episodes! Please give them some form of relevance. If nothing else, allow us to give them more of a role... First Officer etc..... I HATE that the game jes kinda picks your first officer and thats it!!

Thats all i gots for now!!

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# 3 Looking Busy
08-16-2010, 03:20 PM
Ok this may sound like its coming from left field but it appears that my captain is bored in game when he is sitting... Normally I have my character sit when i am going to some organizing of my stuff while in inventory or going through my menus.... when i come back to him... its like hes is board out of his mind...

I would like to see either while my character is sitting or standing... when i am in a menu my character pulls out a ship manifest or some such like pad... and ponders over it, types onto it, bangs it with his hand to check to see if its working... turn it on its side like he is adjusting settings.... basically i want him to look busy while i am in my menu's.

this would look great to if you could see other players doing it as well ... not everyone standing around doing nothing... they are busy to.. and it should show it.
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# 4 Mobile Inventory...
08-16-2010, 03:28 PM
Alright i have a ship.. now what to do with it... finally it has an interior however i would like to see more... ship has people around 500 crew alight but they need food... would it not be awesome if you could set up an NPC in your ship for your replicating needs or a general store. Ships should have a storage bay where you can literally store extra stuff from your inventory.

That is a big thing for me.. what if i need extra space for all my hypos i am going to need... or if i need tribble's to be isolated from my other inventory spaces... I can even buy cargo boxes of varying sizes so that i can organize my stuff...

Oh you bought a runabout... would it not be awesome if you could view it in your ship.

C'mon Cryptic.. I played Coh and there is one thing i noticed is you have a system where you can edit your Heroes Hideout... A system like that would defiantly be something I would be into. Not all Interiors should be the same.

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