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08-16-2010, 07:13 PM
I just need to say this.. I've played alot of mmo's. Sifi games are my favorites. It all started with a game called Anarchy Online. This goes way back for some of you. That game had the same kind of release press as this one. But it got better with time. Yeah they screwed it up with Shadowlands. But i hope that does not happen here.

The next game was Earth & Beyond. A game ahead of its time. Because sifi mmo's were not the norm and EA games bought out Westwood for the Command and conquer games and could have cared less for E & B. I just hope and pray that this game proves that reviewing mmo's needs to change. This is right up there with those two games that i will always love forever.

I was a kid when tos was on tv. And i will never forget what it did to my thinking about the human race's future. Being Black and seeing us not being stupid on tv was huge for me. My father was amazed by this tv show. This game i hope will reflect all of that as it moves forward. I just needed to say this. I really love this game and want to see it grow. I already have got friends that love Star Trek playing and loving it. They can't believe they are playing in the Star Trek universe.

Thank you Cryptic for letting me live my one true fantasy.

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