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# 1 CStore Trible vs Holodeck
08-18-2010, 10:32 AM
So I logged onto tribble this morning and noticed that I needed to rebuy the 21st Century Formal Wear, WTH?

How am I suppost to test stuff that is on tribble if what looks like you guys have stopped tribble and holodeck from talking to each other (couldn't access mail on tribble either) Which I think is a good thing by the way except for the Cstore!

I know this sounds like a crazy idea but if you truely have made it so tribble and holodeck are seperated why not offer items in the Cstore on tribble for free? That way we can test them tell you the bugs about them and decide if they are cool enough for us to buy on the Holodeck.

You have to have a subscription to get on Tribble, and there is no point to only playing on tribble especially when no one else is there. But it would give us an idea of how cool these Cstore items really are we could even rate the value for them to help you sell more of them.

If you decide not to then at least give me the items I have purchased on holodeck so I can play with them on tribble and tell you if there are any issues to be addressed.

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