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08-19-2010, 04:37 PM
....On the ground

When the feds get spawn camped and lose a game 30-0, they usually quit ground pvp. We punish a fed player once, and they quit the game or ground pvp and we never see them again. If we were to experiance the same thrashing defeats that we have administered to them, it would make us hungry, thirsty, and none of us would rest until we had figured out why we were being defeated.

I will give you a perfect example. Fister sisters used to bend us over when we fought them. We didn't quit the game though, and we fought them at every possible venue and opportunity. The score got closer, 40-10, 40-20, 40-30...

Then we finally defeated them, and we have NEVER seen the fister sisters in the fvk queues since.

Its an attitude that is sorely lacking in STO and mmos in general, players who constantly challenge themselves by facing players of better quality, players who seek self inprovement, players not afraid to be defeated to improve their skills. The thrill of a challenge is gone.

We have defeated every federation group on this server. We have roundhouse kicked them and sent them back home with their balls in hand. The problem is, we are running out of neighborhood kids to play with.

There is a group of fed ground pvp'rs however, that if united would form voltron. I want to fight this group of people together, in vent, communicating. I call upon a leader to organize these pvp regulars and form the fed voltron.

I want to improve myself as a player, but the only way to do that is to challenge oneself. Im growing lazy with all these groups of feds, some of them good, but never united. The only time we get this challenege is when we face ourselves in in-house pvp, and let me tell you, those fights are epic. Thats what i want in the queue all the time, THOSE are the fights we need.

We will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere we are not gods among men, but we are the best right now. I challenge the feds to challenge us.


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