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08-20-2010, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
1 holo emitter = 15 minutes. Nuff said. Your statement IMPLIED 30 minutes of use for one, there was no qualification there to clear up your mis-communication that you were referring to more than one. Maybe you just need a brain and need to learn how to communicate, because obviously you don't have one at all.
"and was then able to buy the cheapest Holo Emitter and the most expensive."

My post clearly stated that I had 2. And as you'll well realise, 2 lots of 15mins is 30mins. Nuff said. Saying that I'd got 15mins from my Dabo playing would have been inaccurate, since I got 2 Holo Emitters, giving me 30. Hence why I said 30. Nowhere did I mention that I only had 1. You say I can't communicate, and yet you clearly can't grasp the fact that having mentioned that I had 2 Holo Emitters, you took that to mean 1. I'm not the one with the communication problem.

Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
Now then Cupcake... you can't suck at playing Dabo because


It's a computer program. You lay down your chips (EC) and decide which 3 slots you want. the computer then makes the choice of where the shapes etc stop. Not you. You have nothing to do after laying down your EC and clicking your slots. Nothing. So you can't suck, or not suck. It's simply ruled by the built in law of averages for the table... coded by the devs.
Exactly. It's totally random. So why doubt that somebody can get a 100k Dabo? I had the list of the previous winners up while I played, so I could see that others were getting them, too. Maybe they've nerfed the percentage since I played, I dunno.

Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
As for my character, son. I've been online since the early 80's (i.e. back when a V.22 1200 bps modem was considered screaming fast and top of the line), and my experience over the years has shown me that when people start making wild statements like you have made, and then try to back them up with even wilder statements to 'prove' they are telling the truth... even in the face of facts that tend to discount what they are saying, they are most likely liars. I have VERY rarely been proven wrong.
I've no need or desire to 'prove' my statements, since I know them to be true. Now maybe your experience of gamers has turned your online-personality into the deeply unpleasant character you put across, maybe it was there from the start. Your 'Opinions' may discount what I say, but the 'Facts' certainly do not. And if you want to look me up in-game, I'll show you both the Holo Emitters, if you're really that desperately in need of convincing.

I would say 'Have a nice day', but your 'nice days' seem to involve being insulting and disagreeable, so I'll just smile sweetly and nod politely...

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