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07-26-2010, 11:26 AM

Worse thing that can happen with suggestion threads is redundancy so... kill-thread please.
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Ok anyone who has watched Star Trek may have picked up on the fact that every Starship has a Armory / Weapons Room as well as many Weapons Lockers usually located on Interior Walls.

I was thinking that Cryptic could add one small Armory / Weapons Room on the Engineering Deck and the functionality would simply involve the player selecting from a number of different material metals / alloys or shield types to use for target practice. The Player could also use this feature as well as a nearby console and set of tools to tweak weapon performance, for example the Player could improve the activation time, recharge rate, or damage radius, etc.


Here is a link to the Armory Article at Memory Alpha.


A single Weapons Locker could easily be added to each deck on one of the Interior Walls, totalling a maximum of three Weapons Lockers as there are currently only three decks, and these Weapons Lockers could be programmed simply to act as an auxiliary bank, but coded to only allow the storage of Personal Weapons, and possibly Personal Shields, but not holding nearly as many items as your bank would.


Here is a link to the Weapons Locker Article at Memory Alpha.


P.S. If you would like to comment on any of the ideas within this thread, I would really appreciate it and I would especially like to hear from the Dev team, and on this perticualr subject, I think I'd like to hear from S_Wall, I bet he could create a Weapons Room and Weapons Lockers within a week, obviously not on the to do list though, but I think it's a great idea, the Memory Alpha links also provide all the info you need.
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08-03-2010, 12:04 PM
My suggestion would be in my sig...

just a little something to add to the immersion factor people want
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Undine Player Faction

Classes (Tactical,Engiiner,Science)

Species: Undine
Gelki (conquered/ slave race/ Traitors)


Escort - Dahut Frigate variants (Universal)
Cruiser - Nicor Cruiser Variants (Favors Eng + Tac)
Battleship - Vilo Battle Ship Variants (Favours Eng)
Carrier - Tethys Dreadnought (Favours Sci) (Unlike the other carriers the fighters/frigates spawn in from fluidic space)



Ensign / Recruit 1
LT / Junior Warrior 2-10
LtCmdr / Warrior 11-20
Cmdr / Officer 21-30
Capt / Commander 31-40
RALH / Unit Commander 41-45
RAUH / Battle Master 46-50
VA / War Master 51-55
A / General 56-60
FA / General Overseer


1-8 = Gelki Front (Fluidic Space)
9-16 = Borg Front
17-27 = Romulan Front
28-35 = Cardassian Front
36-41 = Klingon Front
42-51 = Federation Front
51- ? = Pvp vs Everyone

Undine Armour Peices
Shirts for the Gelki people

Nebula Missions:

Aid the Planet > Kill the Planet
Enemy confrontation > can stay as it is
Approach the planet > Stay as it is
Scan 5 Objects > Hunt down the Gelki

Fleet Actions:
Fluidic Space - Rid Fluidic Space of Federation/Klingon/Gelki Ships.
Ds9 - Assult Ds9.. Capture expendable character
Breaking the Planet - Killing Klingons for Sport
Crsytalline Entity - Kill it!! kill it!!!!!!!

STF's :O

- (set after the fed/klink versions)

Infected - Destroy Starbase 82
The Cure - Massacare the Federation/Klingon task forces on the planet
Khitomer Accord - Dont think this one would work
Terradome - Re-capture the Terradome, Rescue Undine survivors, Defeat the Federation/Klingon Task Force.

Starbase 1 - Assassinate a high ranking npc on Starbase 1 (earth dock)
Qu'nos - Same

Sector Space
- Give us a few blocks, call it fluidic space - works for me

I like the post 1#
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Hey fellow STO playerz and Cryptic peoplez!

Remember the Voyager episode called "Drive"?

Well Cryptic, when you get some spare time, I would like you to create a "Rally Course Map" or even better, allow us players to create our own Rally Courses by positioning makers on the System maps or possibly even the Sector Space maps. Either that or create this feature as a completely new PvP style game, which loads the players up into a new map!

Once a player has positioned the markers on the map in game, or chosen the PvP Racing map everyone in the team would need to be able to see those makers, not only on the map, but also in space or on the ground as either beacons or as a special HUD effect.

As all of the Racing Players line up on the Starting Line, the host of the Racing event would then either need a button to click which would start a countdown, a countdown that all players in the team can see or the PvP map would automatically start a timer after it has loaded all players into position on the Starting Line and when the timers finished counting down, YOU GO!


Perhaps you could even allow other players to View the Race in Progress from outside the PvP Racing event, via the Starship Interiors Lounge or possibly even within one or all of the major Starbases in STO via a large view screen. Allowing players to place bets on who they think will win, that would be another great Energy Credit sink, don't you think? LoL

Naturally, another awesome thing to add, would be obstacles, such as a Level 6 Sub-space Distortion for example and in this area you can really get creative, but it may require and overhaul of one or two Systems in STO or perhaps it would be easier to create and then add one or two new maps specifically for the PvP racing game.

This can easily work on the ground as well as in space, we could either run on the ground and the challenge would simply be to see who can hit that run key the fastest as well as avoid obstacles better than the other players or Cryptic, you could go a hundred steps further, and somehow allow players to fly Shuttlecraft just above the Ground Maps!

Lastly of course, POINTS WIN PRIZES!

Please, players and Cryptic, let me know if you like this suggestion, I really hope to see it in game sometime in the future!

Some of you who were in the last but one Tribble (Test) Sever play test, including the Emergency QA Hologram aka Faktoid (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) will remember that I rallied up a dozen players, who I got to dance, work out and then race around earth Space Dock. Then we all raced our Starships to the Moon and back which was a lot of fun!
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08-20-2010, 02:08 PM
I've been on a lot of away teams on a lot of really dangerous planets, but not once have I beamed down only to watch some random redshirt get immediately killed. How else are we supposed to understand the grave danger of wherever it is we're at?

EDIT: Also, I want a polywater intoxication mission.
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In STO, a Sector Block is represented as a cuboids and also rectangular cuboids, I'm not sure of the exact dimensions. Anyway the idea I propose below will increase the number of Sector Blocks for all Factions, and the amount of potential future content for not only the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, but also the possible future content for the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. This proposal would also give the player a greater feeling of space in game to be vast and much more like actual space.

Ok, my proposal is, that sometime in the future, Cryptic adds new Sector Blocks under and also possibly over the existing Sector Blocks, by duplicating the currently existing cuboids and rectangular cuboids that represent the Sector Blocks.

Example of Three Dimensional Sector Space (Click to view image).

It's a pretty simple idea really, and if Cryptic would rather keep the map 2D, then to accommodate the new Sector Blocks, all they would have to do, is add a second 2D map in a new tab, although I think a 3D map would look awesome, especially if you could view it in the astrometrics lab aboard your ship.
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The "Classic Trek Costume Question" thread got me thinking and here is the result.

Ok, you know our Starships in STO have textures that change depending on how badly damaged the hull is, perhaps Matt Highison and the other members in the character artist team could eventually create damaged uniform textures, once they find a little bit of free time.

They could simply copy each existing uniform and then edit the copies to look damaged, torn and / or burnt, where ripped, add skin textures. Meanwhile someone else who deals with code would need to link up the new uniform damage textures to each individual non-damaged uniform texture corresponding to the damaged uniform texture. Then link the health of the player to the new textures, making it so that the damaged uniform textures automatically become visible, replacing what we normally see at say 33% health.

Then it would be internally tested, QA would run a pass on it, test it again and then it gets pushed to the Tribble (Test) Server, at which point we get to test it and then tell Cryptic what we think. We say we like it or not, then it may or may not get adjusted, hopefully eventually ending up in game as a cool new bit of canon fluff. LoL

P.S. I would prefer battle damage on our Starships to involve parts of the ship to be destructible or for parts like warp nacelles to come off and explode, but I'm not complaining, although I do think the battle damage textures should stay on our Starships until we reach the nearest Starbase, rather than remove instantly as soon as we use a hull heal. If this idea for extra damage textures were to be added to our characters on ground missions, I would like the damage textures to stay visible until we have visited either a tailor or our Captains Quarters. Wouldn't it be cool to see players limping back to the tailors to get their uniforms fixed up for a small cost?

Not asking for this anytime soon, but what do you think of this idea?

Also, I would love to hear from you, Daniel Stahl, on the various suggestions within this thread.
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Option to get rid of engine trails, if I could pick anything I wanted that would be one of the top 5....I cant stand them, not Trek at all...they are just an eyesore. It would improve it for Trekkies who have been whining about them before the game launched.
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# 30 OP Update.
09-07-2010, 11:18 PM
So yeah, I've updated the original post to include links to threads containing suggestions by players who have posted in this thread, seemed like a good idea and if you would like me to add a link for you, send me a PM.

I Like Post #29 on Page #3 by Morgomir

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