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Since the initiating mission for the diplomcy corps, i was confused from where i get those missions.
then i found out, that this Ambassador Sugihara gives you those missions,.. somehow.

He tells you a star cluster where you can start such a mission. you fly there and when you arrive jjust klick on the info to start the diplomatic mission,.. so far the theoretical part.

But I had made the experiemce, that you arrive at that cluster and there is nothing. you just can fly arround, exploring and hope that the next random-mission is a diplomatic one. or try to contact sugihara again, hoping he can name you another cluster, fly there and hope it works this time... pretty frustrating...

next thing is, if you can start the diplomatic mission, given by the ambassador (fly to star cluster blahblah) it is often such one, that has nothing to do with diplomacy, like scanning a planet fior,..whatever.... I know, i red the text sugihara tells you,but that is a poor excuse for a lame missions which has so much to do with diplomacy a collecting mushrooms has to do with a space battle....

So my Suggestions:
- Make diplomatic missions appear in the mission log
- You should be able to go for tjhose missions more directly, then teh current "random appearence in starclsuter"-stuff. but for that it would be ok, if the needed max experienced for the next rank becomes higher. for example instead of 160 dipl. exp. 1000 BUT as i sayd you can chose them directly as a regulary mission. like go to "system x" and then you see that Q-icon

So far i also had that mission style. where you need to work with informations and you need to ghive the right answers and make the right decissions. Really nice!
But: If you fail you can do the mission again, come one that is the baby-stile. life with the consequences!
SO my suggestion: If you fail in such a mission, another mission-aprt should open for you, so no player has to cry.
So you could invent a kind of mission-tree for cases when the player is succsesfull and for cases in which he had bad luck. It is just boring, if there is the possibility to fail and nothing really happens if you do. this is a game so such an experience wouldn hurt, like it does in real life!

Suggestions how this could work:
Ltes say at the bginning the player need to do those low level diplo missions, like bringing resources to a planet. lets say 5 times. then he can do a better diplo mission like heling with negotiations.
then lets say such a mission have 3 parts.i
f the player fails in the first part of such a mission he need to go to a high ranked ambassador or to his admiral to cvonce him in a dialogue to get another cahnce for another diplo mission. to make it trciky, that conversation should alwass change, so people have to read and think about the right answers! ;-)
If the player fails on the 2nd part or 3rd part of the diplo missioon the dialogue with his commanding officer should not be so hard.
if the player fails again, hee need to do those low ranked missions again, but this tiome more than just 5,... 10 or 15.
it would alos be great if the game could count how many players have been succsssfiull in the higher rnaked diplo missions and how many times they fail, so it could have influence to the game. lets say, palyers are good diplomates then, maybe the prices for supllies and equipment could drop, or less of those random hostile ships would fly arround.
The counts of those failures of succseeded mission could be vaild for 2 or 4 weeks, then it resets.

it#s just about, the game would mnake more fun if the world of the game would give you more feedback on the actions you do...

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