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08-22-2010, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
If you don't, then you get the classic, "LEARN 2 PLAY!" insult and called a newb or a loser.
Yeah, I'd have to say you should take a close look at your skills, your bridge officer's skills, the type of ship you're flying, and then the equipment you use.

A lot of the stuff in front of us in the game looks very cool and we wish we could use a bit more than we're allowed, and I think sometimes this leads to spreading ourselves too thin in an attempt to grab as much gear and skills as we can to cover the areas that we /think/ we need to cover.

The fatality lies in that mistake...choosing the things you /think/ you need instead of the things you /really/ need.

Honestly, evaluate your skills. Focus them down until you're backing your play style. You have to be true to yourself. Use the tools to see which powers effect which skills. Look for the gear that enhances your skills. Then build your bridge officers up to support the things that still need covered. Lastly, and honestly, some people just can't reach a higher plateau of excellence and so should not drag others down to their level. We all try to be the best we can be, and that's really all we can do.
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08-22-2010, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I didn't say any specific person was crying, just that players have cried "foul" on both sides of the game.

As for being killed quickly in combat - it happens to everybody at some point and very often to people like me. A cruiser can kill a BoP/Escort just as quickly as a they can kill it when properly played.
And anybody will fall to being dogpiled in combat or if they are paniced or coaught unawares.

Being quicklt killed happens toeverybody for different reasons - but none of those reason are currently OP and most are based on the "timing" of both players involved. Timing is more key in STO powers use than most games I've playeed.
Oh, r
sorry I misunderstood your phrase. I think that timing is important as you say, but the problem here is at foudation.

I think is fair you explode in 4 second if 5 or 6 strong ship attack you. I don't think that is fair if one bop or one fleet escort can one-shoot you. And it appends. Appends to me and against to me.

I think this appends becouse programming of pvp is subject to programming of pve. They first programmed PVE and later they put one against other, and the proof for me is that there ONE map for capture (capture the flag???? in star trek? lol) and 3 maps for arena....nothing more. Which other mmo-respecting has this poor pvp game?

I dream big long battle, not 2 escort and goodbye to your ship. Listen, i have tank 2 escort a lot of time but i've been oneshotted same numbers of time. Is a good gameplay for you " I have not had time to press rsp button" ? Not for me. I think , like the guy before, that we need open pvp. A pvp where tactic is more important than timing. A pvp with less wepon damage and a banned rsp.
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08-22-2010, 06:39 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
You're not the only one. I've been hearing more and more about this happening. And it's not always a drained weapons system. It's a bug. A subtle one that is creeping around.
yup ... I would imagine that the few mili-seconds a player has to be certain they have the correct target , try to fire ! nothing happens .. .. YIKES !

I has this happen since this was posted... I finally looked up in the top center (where I have the target display) ... it was blank .. I had to retarget the ship in order to be able to fire again. Please note: even thought it was a Romulan ship, I was NOT previously firing at a plasma torp or had a disfunctional defuff which would have take the system off line. I was never any further range than 5 to 6.5 (aprox). The target had NOT cloaked .. it simply dropped off the target screen .. I'm not sure why. BUT once I reclicked on the target we were good to go and finished the mission without any further delays. HAD THAT BEEN PvP ... it would have been over in a matter of seconds. There would not have been enough time to retarget the other ship.

IMHO that is one of the differences between PvE and PvP ... IN PvP mistakes are freequetly more costly. The game is fast pace at times. IMHO that is why smaller groups of PvP (as opposed to those with 25 to 50) are more difficult to balance UNLESS there is only 1 slot available for EACH type of ship/build: Science/Engineer/Tactical: exploration, cruiser, escort ... etc etc.. The smaller the group them more amplified a lack of the right combination will stand out. IF the teams are much larger, the odds increase for having a better mix for the right combination of players in the respective areas/builds.

(just my own thoughts).
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08-22-2010, 08:29 PM
Originally Posted by OlBuzzard
I've hade several times here lately where my weapons would not lock on to the next target .. OR would not fire for SEVERAL seconds (and no .. I was not being hindered with some sort of systems target .. I DID check the combat log). I'm not sure how this contributes to the situation but it CAN'T be good.
I think Superchum may be correct in that it is a bug in the system.
My experiences have been unresponsive keys and targets changing when I execute a combo. as of yet I haven't had the non-firing weapon thing happen.

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