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08-23-2010, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by DekuScrubby View Post
"The greed alarms are going off"? Why is this the standard response whenever something that people ask for is put in-game? They haven't even said it will be in the C-Store and even if it is you are allowed to just choose not to friggin' buy it.

I mean, mother of god. "Desperation drives greed and Crypic is showling a lot of desperation."? They're a company you imbecile. If something isn't going to help revenue, a company isn't going to do it. So they choose what the community has asked for and implement it as a way of keeping people entertained and therefore subscribed.

I came into these forums with the intention of not being an ***hole to people, but the level of blind idiocy here has driven me to it.
EVERY ITEM that people have asked for has been place in the C-Store. If thinking that anything people want is going to be in game for FREE, you are seriously mistaken.

I can also see you are one of those blind supporters of Crypic and the C-Store who smile, nod, purchase, and say thank you to every item that is sold on the BLACKMARKET aka C-Store.

If Cryptic was truly interested in keeping people entertained with new items, they why are they obvoiusly price gouging the death out of the player base. $15 for a T5 Refit? $25 for the Galaxy X. And the yet to be determined price of the Excelsior and Nebulas?

You had no intentions to come into the forums with an open mind, buy a mission to troll, flame and spam, which you have accomplished. Here is a free cookie (_) Dont eat it all at one time.

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