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08-23-2010, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by Treagersama View Post
Well matt... as I don't recall making any reference to Capt Matt Schwab in my post, and using the pronoun "I" throughout the post, I would say your 100% correct on that point. I don't speak for you, ever.

Also, 'State of the Players" is simply how I feel ABOUT the state of the players on these forums. Specifically the state of aggression and anger and entitlement. I would never presume to speak for Capt Matt Schwab, as I am NOT Capt Matt Schwab. So thank you for clearing that up with everyone. I am certain they all appreciate it.

Actually, you pretty much called all the players who inhabit the forums a bunch of malcontents that don't play the game and only ***** and whine.

I spend alot of time on these forums. Sometimes, I feel my posts are very constructive. Other times, I bend Cryptic's ear. But I don't do it to be a damn malcontent. I do it because I want to see this game become better.

I would sumise that the majority of these "malcontents" feel the same way, and are in a similar situation as me. We play the game, and we want to see the game live up to it's potential.
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08-23-2010, 05:07 PM
They may be doing the best they can but it does not meet my expectations as a game player.

Like many things in life we as consumers are not expetced to trial run a product because they need to work out the kinks. Can you imagine if they tried that on a car or your food? This is where many people are coming from. It is not our obligation to trial run a game...IT IS THEIRS. So if someone claims we complain too much and do not tribble...I reply with an O'reiily SHUT UP

This is the appropriate place to voice you anger over a poorly managed game..(if you feel that way)
Same goes for the admirers of the game..this is the place to offer praise.

They are gonna do this game the way they want to....they might profess to listening and catering to the whims of the masses but in the end we are consumers. If ya don't like it.....leave. That alone says volumes....more then whines.

I was in a group with friends and we were discussing our MMO habits and some professed a desire to play STO. They knew I had played and asked me for advice. I said maybe in a year. In reality I would not reccomend this MMO to anyone I know.

In closing.......When this game launched they boasted many things.......their exaggerated claims soon became apparent as I pushed through the game in record time only to find me with an empty bag ....thinking WTF?

Because I am a liifer the reason why I am here......and to a much SMALLER extent enjoy the game....that's a shame.
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08-23-2010, 05:31 PM
I'm only posting right now because I've been booted from the game by yet another fatal crash while attempting to scan in B'tran. That being said, I spend a lot of time between PvP matches, loading screens, reloading from bugs, and so on scanning over the forums because I do enjoy playing the game. I want to learn what others are doing and what I could be doing better. I want to actively support the game, forums, and community. If there are problems, and there most certainly are, people who care will typically share.

Certainly there are more than enough of the folks who aren't being very constructive but discounting those of us who use the forums because we should just be playing the game is even less so.
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