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08-21-2010, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by Rhaw View Post
Thank you for the unnecessary lesion in “official” canon. I am truly sorry because I simply did not spend the necessary time researching and checking everything I posted.
I truly did enjoy this whole exchange, nice to be able to laugh once in awhile. There's just one flaw in your in your sarcastic response here. Information on Star Trek is very useless out in the world. On the other hand being on an internet forum about a star trek game, well you just sound like an idiot if don't know some of the basic canon of the trek universe. I would suggest not getting to upset about that because it's a star trek forum, there's a whole lot of not gettin laid going on here.
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08-23-2010, 06:01 AM
Originally Posted by Sleeves
QUOTE=superchum;2966320]Been here before let me address your points. 1) It was a error on the actors part and has been back up my many web site such as 2) Constellation class is right but you read it wrong. That was no more in error then to say. USS Theodore Roosevelt class is a Nimitz class aircraft carrier.
Not to pile on here, but originally the Stargazer was supposed to be a Constitution. They filmed the scene with Geordi saying the class name "Constitution", but when it came time to shoot the model, they realized that it was much easier AND cheaper to just build a new model for a different ship type than to pull the old (and VERY heavy) Enterprise model out of mothballs, relabel it, and then attempt to shoot it.

So, they used the newer, cheaper model (affectionately known as the pie-dish), and gave it a class name they could easily overdub ie. Constellation.

So there was no error on Levar Burton's part.
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08-24-2010, 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab
That was the crossover point.

In the Prime Universe, Romulus and Remus are in fact destroyed. Then, Spock travels into the Alternate Universe via the blackhole he opened up to disapate the remaining shockwave from the hobus explosion.

In the Alternate Universe, Romulus and Remus are still intact, but Vulcan is destroyed by Nero.
What will really fry your brain is when you realize that JJ's reboot IS Prime, but in the past. Therefore Vulcan must still be destroyed. Nero altered the present timeline on his trip to the past. Therefore Vulcan should have instantly vanished and become a memory in the present...
How many Vulcans were lost who had signifigant impact on the timeline.
Spock's return to Vulcan to attempt the Kolinahr will not occur now, he may never feel the presence of V'ger, and Earth may get destroyed by a 400 year old NASA project...

We can only assume that Spock (old Spock) used his influence with Star Fleet to impress upon them the need to keep all of the old Constitution Class ships, thus explaining all the old ships in STO.
Since Vulcan does still exist in STO, can't we then also assume that Spock may have used this same knowledge to press all of these old "Connie's" into service to slingshot around the sun, travel back in time, pick up some whales and return to stop Nero BEFORE he was able to destroy Vulcan, but then left again before he disrupted the new timeline...

This is why Time Travel is regulated by the Temporal Police. It's a messy business.

Too bad they couldn't travel back in time to kill Shatner's hairpiece - the pregenitor of the common tribble. How many problems would that have solved!?!?!?! :p

But, then what would Cryptic give out as rewards if there were no tribbles????
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08-24-2010, 10:42 PM
sorry riker but sto is still in the prime universe, after the destruction of romulus and spok disappearing. in star trek when you go back in time you dont stay in the same universe, you go into a tangent, this is why star trek time travel was always so fugly and hard to follow, that and poor shoddy time travel writing, but anyway back to my point.

this sto is set int he universe of the shows, romulus got pwned, klingons invaded, war with the feds is declared, the dominion played dead but its back with a vengeance, and those borg parasites that v-ger started to complete its mission of assimilating all knowledge of the universe and the queens corrupted into assimilating all life are too dam hard to kill once and for all.

Q help us all if they add any more doomsday on! and we all know Q wont help, he only likes to harrass.
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08-24-2010, 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
A visual cue to show that they are DIFFERENT ships ... cause this comes up a lot ...

The Constellation Class is THIS SHIP

The Stargazer Class is THIS SHIP

They are different.

Here's what the STO ship database has to say about the Stargazer CLASS:

See. They are different ships entirely.
Unless I'm really misunderstanding something here....

Ummmm, The TOS Enterprise was a Constitution CLASS. As were the TOS Movie ships...
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08-24-2010, 10:49 PM
Originally Posted by KhansWrath
People Of Earth: Economy got you down? Tired of the rat race? Are you a team player? We have great news!
We are the Borg and we're hiring! We offer free job placement, free healthcare, free dental, free housing, free daycare, free transportation, flexible work hours, profit sharing and an open-door management policy.

C'mon, Assimilate! You Know You Want To.™

Paid for by the Resistance Is Futile Political Action Committee (RIFPAC). We are the Borg and we approved this message.

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