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Most clickable items, in both STO and Champions, seem to only recognize clicks faster then a certain speed. In other words, if the time between "click" and "release" is too long, the selection doesn't register. I'm disabled, so my click speed is slightly slower than average. This is VERY frustrating when trying to select targets during combat and right-clicking on anything is basically impossible.

Can anything be done or is it ingrained in Cryptic's engine?
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08-22-2010, 04:22 PM
You may want to try this:
/bind lbutton cursorClick 1

If that doesnt work well, then use this:
/bind Leftdrag cursorClick 1
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# 3
08-26-2010, 10:23 AM
These didn't work.
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# 4
08-26-2010, 02:17 PM
That is odd, I just tried
/bind lbutton cursorClick 1
And it did exactly what you asked for.
The clicks have 4 different statuses

If you press the button longer then expected no leftclick event happens because the game thinks you want a drag action instead. That is the reason that long keypress doesn't register as selection.

Leftclick strikes a cursorClick 1 event.
Leftdrag starts mouselook.

lbutton action, on the other hand, happens every time you press the button, no matter how long you press it. That is the reason

/bind lbutton cursorClick 1

Should work.

The same stands for right click as well. To have your right click behave like it should even if you release slower use this

/bind rbutton contextaction 1

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