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08-23-2010, 08:21 AM
Totally have to agree with the OP. I tried for about a week to play season 2 and the end game bugs, crowding in B'Trans, and new sector space manuverability made this MMO more frustrating than entertaining. I quit playing for a couple of weeks and tried again when the patch hit on the 19th that prpmised to fix some of the B'Tran problems. However, now i get a fatal error about 1/3 times when i enter a B'trans system. That makes the game unplayable in addition to being frustrating. I will probably come on to try out the weekly episode, but if it's weakly instead of weekly... i think I'll just delete the game from my computer and take this as a lesson to never pay for a lifetime subsciption to anything.
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08-23-2010, 10:06 PM
Some serious words of wisdom, that is what the OP is for sure.

I firmly support the ideas in this thread and would like to see them implemented in game!
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08-26-2010, 03:38 PM
I have always seen this game as having alot of potential. its repetitive but that can be fixed. the environments (like hallways and doors) seemed off but it could be fixed. i stopped shortly after season 2 was released do to one thing. the activity i busied myself with to get me threw how repetitive the game was, was climbing. there used to be a fun glitch that would let you climb everything. but they did away with it with season 2. i know its not that big of a deal. but that was what was getting me by with repetitive missions.
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08-26-2010, 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by Defiant-One
When Star Trek Online came out, I was extremely motivated to play it, Beta was somewhat rocky, as well as most of the things in the game weren't what was promised the players prior to the games release (like the originally conceived Genesis System). That was fine, I figured the game would improve like most other games improve over time.

Instead, from my point of view. The game now is less playable then it was 7 months ago in the Beta Test. Everything being done to improve the game, sets the game back instead. How can customers be expected to tolerate such service?

Even with the problems prior to Season 2, I was comfortable recommending the game to my friends, and anyone who showed any interest in Star Trek. At least back then, the game was playable, it was repetitive, it was confining (the same sectors to explore, same missions, same maps), but it was stable. But now, I can not recommend this game to anyone, I have lost faith that this game will improve at a pace thats worth the price (even reduced to 19.99 USD).

The problem isn't the IP, its not Star Trek. Its the fact that the people behind the game like taking short cuts. Quality doesn't seem to be a factor, as long as results in any form get the job done. I understand that Cryptic has to rebuild the database. However, doing it piecemeal, isn't really cutting it. Why the server isn't just taken offline for the 2 days or so you need to get the job done and have credit given to the paying monthly customers and perhaps c-store cash equivalent given to the lifetime subscribers is beyond me. Is it so out of the question to actually take the time to do something that needs to be done and to do it right? The players will understand, if they see the improvement, if they see the results of your hard work.

Is it the idea that bringing the game down will have a negative effect on the subscribers? How does, showcasing a broken game for a longer period of time (than 2 days), not have a negative effect on your core, your current subscribers any less? Every crash, every team that gets split-up on a mission, every anomaly that doesn't give a reward, every aid the planet that doesn't mission start. Each becomes a nail in the game's coffin to the people who are paying right now.

As it is, I'm a lifetime subscriber, I can walk away. As it is, I don't know if I'll be able to come back to any game at all, if Cryptic doesn't change how they do things. The customers/players deserve more respect than to be tossed, scraps (makeshift fixes to long term problems).

The customer is always right, not only when it doesn't hurt your free time, or the bottom line. Fix the problem with the CORE game, before adding new c-store items, before doing the weekly episodes. There's no point in focusing on all the new content, if you're player-base is shrinking due to frustration.

I want this game to last, I want this game to succeed, this game has so much potential. But if the game isn't good, there can be no hope of either. The players can't do this. Only the developers can, but only if they really want to. Please want to.
I am also a Lifetime player and I feel exactly the same way. Minus the errors in grammar, I agree with everything that you have said; well stated.

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