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08-27-2010, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by Pariahterra View Post
Well it sounds like someone else needs to shut their food hole. Read the OP I used the word "May" learn to read my friend. You say I should leave and "good riddance." I say anyone who Say's "good riddance." To someone who loves Star Trek and is just trying to look out for his fellow fan and the game in general

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Ah but what if the person saying "good riddance" is also someone who loves Star Trek and is just trying to protect his fellow fan and the game in general from whiny muppets who spit their dummies out of their pram because they cant have the new toy on the market for free!

You are getting what you pay your monthly sub for, if you want more then you should expect to pay for more, no ones game will suffer by not having the Excelsior, and no one will be given an advantage by buying it. Its purely optional. So I work hard for that crappy wage that i get at the end of the month, what little extra i have left after rent and bills i use to treat myself, and i decided to treat myself to the Excelsior, but you want it given to you for free!! Why? What makes you so special?

Actually you have made my mind up for me, thank you, im gonna call my lovely new shiny Excelsior the "USS Pariahterra" Thanks, oh and just because the last line in your rant had me laughing so hard let me say that anyone expecting to get something extra for free is an idiot and should go "strait" to the devil.

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