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08-27-2010, 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
Indeed. Photonic Fleet is useful, but not necessarely the best skill out there. It's handy as both a distraction, and to help take down a target, but they aren't going to do it by themselves. And since they are photonic their hulls are only a half a burst away from "blowing them up".

The biggest target issue isn't with the Carrier Pets as much as with Mine Spam, imo. But even that can be countered. Everything in the game has a counter. You just have to try to have some way to use that counter effectively. Especially where Pet AI, and massive amounts of pets in the area are concerned.
photonic fleets are roughly the space equivalent of Engineers popping off drones or Tac's deploying Security Teams in ground pvp. it helps you feel more like a General, imo, and isn't really op being that both factions have it.

the counter in either scenario, ground or space, is simple. as a Sci captain i often find myself switching between targets, healing, cc'ing, w/e. teammates help me stay on target, keep your eye on who the tac in the group has targetted.
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08-27-2010, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by dkt0404 View Post
Klingon carriers need to be removed from PVP along with the powers on both sides that spawn a bunch of NPC AI ships that never die, seemingly even when the player who spawned them does.

The carriers just make it a pain to target anything because the auto target almost always targets a fighter and in the time it takes to target what you want your already half dead.

A autotargeting option to never auto target fighters may solve that though.

But it should be PVP. Not PVP plus as many AI's as one side can spawn.
too bad you werent around before the carrier nerf when we could swap the bays out and summon every type of fighter at the same time, a 5 carrier team literally had 26x5 kinds of fighters out, 8 siphons each 8 shield healers each 8 attack fighters each and 2 birds of prey each. thats a total of 130 ai pets, only downside was you couldnt swap bays in combat, but you could park at 15 km while the swarms of fighters siphons and bops tore up the fed ball and keep churning out new ones with mes on so they couldnt even see you doing it

and then if they were science kdf they also had photonic fleet pets on top of that. and you cry about how it is now

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