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08-28-2010, 01:06 PM
I've completed the episodes and the Daily mission chain. This is my feedback and it might be spoilerific. You were warned.

* * * spoilers ahead * * *

The episode made a favorable impression on me. The Deferi city had some new to it, but I found it unfortunate to notice so much "Memory Alpha" in it (particularly the scrolling starmap texture). Stylistically, I have to say I like the Deferi and I apprecite the effort that went into thier ship/vehicle designs. I paid attention to it.

The Breen in ground combat took me a little aback. They were harder at Normal difficulty than what I was used to, or took another approach. I had to sit up and take notice, and it's ironically one of the few times I've actually had a use for the medic kit over the geophysicist kit to keep ahead of them. Overtime, I got to understand being mobile and avoiding those cold attacks was better than just crouching and firing while being mostly stationary.

Maybe I ought to use the pause button more too. >_>

I thoroughly enjoyed the space battle outside of Defera. The Breen ships were a welcome change from the Borg and the Undine (the borg are just tedious to fight, the undine are tough but aside from that thematically weak in abilities) because they had a variety of abilities to screw around with me that really demanded that I stayed on my toes as I tried to counter them. Shield facing disabling attacks, energy siphons-things, tractor beams and fighters, even.

At the end of that fight, I found, after my 'phew' reaction (I seldom need Photonic Fleet to get myself out of a solo PvE fight) that I had greatly enjoyed it.

The Daily mission that followed was a mixed bag. Getting to the asteroid outpost and seeing that saving a Deferi ship in-time secured its survival and help later was GOLD - I like the consequences of my action paying off, even on the short-term. It gives me a reason to want to care and do my best to protect my new Deferi 'allies'.

Aside from that, the asteroid outpost involved a short storyline that was about me being flanked and such. I didn't really feel that, though - it just felt like a more typical defend research station/defend ship in distress thing with different dialogue. It felt like the Deferi reinforcements came in at the end, rather than with some timer or way that would make me glad I got reinforcements ("The cavalry arrived, yay!").

Communication to the asteroid outpost disappointed me a bit. It just provided a store with dubiously useful supplies to get and a place to sell my stuff in addition to an optional mission. I was expecting something akin to a 'Aid the Planet' in relation to the asteroid outpost.

The subsequent optional mission that lead me to fix satellites all around was nice, short and sweet. Nothing overly special, but facing breen fighters, a cruiser and tangling with transphasic mines as I tried to fix each satellite kept me busy and engaged at the time.

Now that I think about it, it's been a long while since I had to do mission in which I had to fix something. I also noticed the interaction gauge filled up a lot slower than I was used to. That's okay though - fixing things takes time.

The next mission found me at a destroyed asteroid outpost where the breen sprung a trap. I have to say first off I was glad it wasn't a ground combat scenario. Being stuck in a transphasic minefield was a nice touch (you just have to care about transphasic mines since they do en-masse cause a lot of dmaage through shields) and being surrounded by enemy breen vessels was good too, though there was little to no urgency involved (they weren't closing in on me, forcing me to take initiative against one group before I got engaged with multiple groups).

I had a hairy time with frigate and cruiser groups at the same time, but I got through it. Photonic fleet was a lifesaver then.

The final mission I did was to help a Deferi patrol. Again, I must say I like the formula that allows you to save the Deferi ships in time, which then allows you to have a few helpers along with you. The Breen combat was nothing too different from what I saw earlier, but the inlying urgency of trying to defeat them to really succeed at saving the Deferi ship is - again - one of the golden points I've found in these latest missions.

After doing all this, I got the mission reward automatically upon return to sector space. The reward was sizeable, I guess, but I was a bit disappointed that Vice-Admirals got absolutely no Emblems out of an elaborate mission chains that's termed a 'daily' - how hard is it to write in "if PC is level 51 to 55, give him 7 emblems"?

Also, before concluding this post, I also want to comment on Sector Space. Here, we have the revamped version... and it's sort of okay, though the visuals aesthetics have not - like Pelia - impressed me all that much (therefore, I'm still looking forward to that sector space/exploration revamp that's in the works). What I took a dim view on was the access areas for the Deferi sector: both Eta Eridani and Beta Ursae?

WTF? Now, we have Gamma Orionis set appart via transwarp gateways, and now we have two very distant regions in space accessing a select other region? I understand the need to allow the Klingons to access it too, but my suspension of disbelief is hurting a little here. Surely the Gamma Orionis and the Deferi sector could've just, with proper foresight, been positioned on edges of Klingon/Federation territories for more credibility.

Also, I'm not a big fan of the huge text that appears to tell me the episode name, or the name of the location. It's like SO BIG IT'S LIKE ITS OVERCOMPENSATING FOR SOMETHING.

That's about it for my feedback. A big thank you to the Devs for the first weekly episode out. I thought it was a nice ride.

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