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# 11 I will give
08-29-2010, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by DoobiusMaximus View Post
I could be wrong, but i thought the D7s were replaced by the K't'inga-class during the 2270s, and was finally "retired decades" prior to 2377
They were the refits of the D-7s. Later they made them own there own and called it the K't'inga-class. It is
like calling the Constitution class the Fred Flintstone class after the refit. They basically the same ship.
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08-30-2010, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by Vulcan.Skon View Post
Like I've said in other posts,
I nerdrage against 'Enterprise' and the references to it, it's characters, and that crapheap of a starship made in the game. I hate the show, I hate the ship, I hate the characters and I hate their canon-bashing attempt at making a Starship Enterprisee before the first USS Enterprise.

Sadly, I'm probably in the minority, and other people seem to not care that the show was a sad excuse for a Star Trek TV show...

Anyways. I just wish, in my own private little wishing area, that no-one ever spoke of 'Enterprise' again, and we could just stick with what was good about the Star Trek universe before it came along...
I get your point, but canon was already crapped on by Berman many times before Enterprise. (Star Trek First Contact comes to mind, as well as a plethora of time travel plots.) At least Enterprise FELT more like classic Trek than Voyager. (At least early on.)

I don't like the NX-01 for one reason - it's just an inverted Akira. When they announced the show, and I saw the NX for the first time I remember remarking, "That's just an Akira!" I think this would have looked better.

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