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# 1 Tric stun OP
08-31-2010, 09:59 AM
For those who dont know me i am an avid PvPer and RPer. i have 2 level 51 Klingons and a level 51 Fed, as well as 3 other characters. I have experience in all 3 officer classes and have completed ALL the content in the game on at least one of my characters.

i was under the impression that stunning players for so long they cannot play was a bad idea.

everyone got extremely ****ed when Klingon BoP sci used VM+SNB in season 1 to effectively "log someone out". in other words render a player unable to do anything or play for an extended period.

denying someone the ability to play the game should be illegal where ever encountered in a game... period.

now we have "new and improved" tricobalt torpedos that not only do a lot of damage, but can stun a player on average for 10-13 seconds.... consistantly.

now every one is begginning to see the exploit and starting to use these overpowered and easily obtainable weapons.

when used in conjunction with 1-2 photonic shockwaves, a player is not able to do anything in the game for 15-20 seconds. they simple sit there and wait to respawn.

as voyager refits sit around and tank with ease and total immunity, this leads to a NEW level of exploit.

simple fire a point blank tric at a target and then activate ablative armor.

after this is achieved, simply tractor beam and use spacial anomolies to destroy any target, and ignore enemy fire until the victim is destroyed.

after the 3rd major klingon nerf and 6 brand new federation refits, all of which push the envelope of "balance" (except defiant), i believe it is time the devs realed this thing in.

what makes this so alarming is that both sides can easily use this exploit. the only reason why most are not complaining yet is that they either use tricobolts, or are unaware of what exact weapon keeps stunning them for so long.

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