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# 1 -TheWatchers
08-31-2010, 09:26 AM
Have a taste for the darker side of things? Like to casually roleplay? Like building bonds and friendships online? This may be the fleet for you.

Up and coming character wanting to create a fleet. Have always had a taste for Vampires and the like. The fleet will loosely follow the traditions of 'The Talamasca' a secret society of 'Watchers' created by Ann Rice.

The goals of the fleet at this time will be to of course grow together as we explore the STO gameplay arena, and some light roleplaying. Eventually I would like to explore weapon and device creation for profit.

If your interested please reply to this message, or inbox me in game. I am online on the weekends on and off, and usually anytime after 6 m-f. You can find me usually at ESD my charactars names are 'Marius@AaronJay' or 'Xavier@AaronJay'


'We have always been here, and we are always watching'

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