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# 1 Change The Ground Combat
09-01-2010, 12:42 PM
Hey all,
What do you think off it, they want quality to the game not quantity !
So me and my fleet says PLEASE change the ground combat !!!

I think it could use an big update but can they inplement it I dont know !!!
When walking on a planet scanning you BO's follow you like little duckies there mama duck .
And shooting part aint much either, because if someone come up to me set an phaser to my had and fire it shields or not I think I will be faporized !!!
And what they should change Il give you my list but I sure like to hear yours !!!

My List :

1.Give BO's AI so they scan stuff for you or find the enemy or annyway make them smart .
2. More options like walk,run,sit,duck,climb. holodeck to train to make yourself better or where you can train your BO's
4.An sniper tool so you can shoot enemy's down from an distance !!! Might come in handy with the Borg less risk to be asimelated.
5.OPS make an battle plan for an rescue or strategy atack would be nice
6.NPC handeling just give the command line when next to an chair sit should be the easy.
7.Interaction between BOs

Ok I think they have to rebuild everyting but if they inplement this into the game that would be awsome .
What do you think I like to know make an list just like me or if you agree let us know .
We want to know your opinion !!!

Greets Fleet Amiral Janeway

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