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Episode 2 of our first weekly mission arc will air Saturday, September 4 at 11:00 AM PDT!

  • Star Clusters: Continued improves to map loading in star clusters to help alleviate maps that don't load.
  • Star Clusters: Players can now team up for star cluster missions again!
  • Consumable Items: Fixed an issue where consumable items could not be used more than once per equip
  • Incapacitated Breen enemies no longer show cold, foggy breaths.
  • A gap has been fixed in the doorways of Starfleet interiors that was allowing players to see into space.
  • Lighting has been adjusted in the Ship Editor.
  • Phaser beams no longer split when targeting an enemy.
  • Fixed a rare case where Bridge Officers could have only 3 ground abilities.
  • Cryonic Grenades
    • Will now grant immunity to the Cold Hold/Stun for 1minute. (No more chain holds from these grenades)
    • Removed the Stat bonus to Grenades that the Cryonic Grenades were granting.
  • The excelsior transwarp audio has been updated to only be audible within a small range around the ship initiating transwarp.
  • The waypoints out of the Orellius Sector Block now read Beta Ursae Sector Block and Eta Eridani Sector Block.
  • The Orellius Sector Block is now properly labeled on the Galaxy Map
  • The lighting has been improved on the Defera planet surface.
  • Ambient audio has been adjusted on the Defera planet surface.
  • General performance updates to eliminate the source of a map crash
  • Removed an unncecessary error message when players used a wormhole to transfer maps

  • Cold Call
    • Players on a team no longer spawn into a wall in the Cold Call diplomacy room.
    • The Star Chart puzzle has been deactivated for now. You’ll have to wait for a new episode to see what’s in store!
    • The message to depart system will now appear as soon as the mission is complete
  • Aid the Planet
    • The Deferi have added an additional Patrol craft to the Defera Sector so that players have an easier time finding the "Deferi Patrol".
    • These Patrols will no longer mysteriously vanish while on their patrol route.
    • Ambassador Surah will also provide a better description of where the different locations are within the sector.
    • This Daily Patrol now gives 3 Emblems if you complete it at max rank.
    • Deferi Patrols will no longer mysteriously vanish while on their patrol route.
    • A new Breen ship has been seen flying in the Raveh sector (this is a prelude to an upcoming mission)
  • The Security Arrays daily mission now properly directs players to Deferi Outpost 3.
  • The Starfleet officers on Vega (Tutorial) no longer occasionally remain in a “holding weapon” stance after putting their weapons away.
  • General typo fixes have been made to recently added missions.
  • The Commander promotion mission for Feds will now advance when people buy an Advanced Heavy Cruiser (Excelsior) as their ship choice. Those who have already ranked up will still need to select one of the free ships at that tier to advance the mission.

PvP Queue
  • Changing the Kills count in a Challenge Queue now commits when clicking away, instead of just pressing Enter.
  • A fix has been made for a case that could cause uneven teams.
  • Fixed an error where a Fleet name wasn't being referenced properly

  • The “Join” button on the Channels tab now becomes active if you have been invited to a chat channel.
  • The Whitelist_Invite command now auto-completes properly in the chat box.
  • The “New Repository” button now properly deactivates once your Fleet has purchased all available Repositories.
  • If you do not have Shields equipped, the UI now displays “N/A” for your shield value.
  • Ship names can now properly be 16 characters long when they’re renamed.
  • Klingon Honor now shows the correct icon.
  • Clicking “Retry” on a failed mission will now drop the mission without an error message if the mission can’t be accepted (i.e. a daily mission on cooldown).

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