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09-01-2010, 02:48 PM
I have wondered this too, old patrols and missions should be made available to do as many times as we want, granted there wont be a completion reward but it would be fun to revisit star systems that we havent seen since Ensign.
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09-01-2010, 11:42 PM
chris this is a GREAT idea... and one that the actual ROLEPLAYING community have been begging for... for a VERY long time.

to those who say "it would be a wasted effort or resources"
you must not play nebula missions.

because entire space and land backgrounds are rondomly generated hundreds of times daily and the vast majority look gorgeous!
how hard would it be to generate maps once and assign them to each planet???

to those who say "what good is role play on an empty planet"

obviously you are NOt a role player.

the whole point of RP is to interact with other players and generate your own content with THEM... not PvE bots.

to take this firther.
many of us want a way to either randomly generate a nebula space/ground mission and fill it with our choice of bad guys or none at all.
this would make it posisble for RPers to generate mission content without violating canon.

i have also made a thread about being able to apply this concept to replaying mission, or even just playing random missions on maps from previous PvE missions.

Qonos burning, the Bajoran fire caves, the inside of a borg cube, etc.
and many other missions maps are absolutely GORGEOUS

it is a shame we only get to play them once

it would be nice to be able to get some friends together... and stage a "federation invasion of Qonos"
or fight random romulans in the Bajoran fire caves.
or to get a gang of klings together and RAID mars shipyards.
simple pick the map you have unlocked, invite friend like you would a private match, set type of bad guys and difficulty (or none at all) and HAVE AT IT!!!
hours of enjoyment... little to no effort on the devs part!!!

this would be a way for players to generate content for themselves without ****ing off CBS and their army of lawyers

but i would definatly settle for visiting random worlds and asteroid fields and hanging with my RP buddies in an empty but interesting alien landscape!!

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