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# 1 Tellarites and Rigelians
09-02-2010, 03:55 AM
First of all I'd like to say that Matt, the lead character artist, and whomever else works on the character team have done a pretty good job (in my opinion) thus far with the game.

Though I don't think many people actually play Tellarites or Rigelians, as I'm an avid fan of Star Trek Enterprise I have grown to really like these two species, especially our Federation Space Pigs . I have a few minor bugs for both species.

- In the character creator their height is listed only in the 6 foot range. I've already spoken to Matt about this many months ago and he mentioned that it was only a math coding issue. As we all know Tellarites are shorter than that.. and should range from 5'0" to 6'0". I believe one of the Tellarites from the Original Series was 6'0" (however I would settle for 5'10" as well.. whatever works).

I've submitted multiple bugs in-game for this.

- Hair and Beard options. They definitely need a few more beard options. They need a couple of beards that look more scruffy looking as well as hair that is a bit more poofy looking.

Reference image:

- Hands. This isn't a major issue but an option I'd like to see eventually. I'd like to see hair/fur on Tellarite hands! They had such a thing in TOS.

- My main issue with the Rigelians at this point is the skin colour both for player characters and BOs. The skin colour is too fleshy.

Reference image: Rigelian Comparison ENT vs STO

In the reference image provided above I've put up both the Enterprise Rigelians and the In-Game Rigelians. The ENT Rigelians have a more clammy greyish skin. I've narrowed it down to possibly two different hex colours which I would like Cryptic to add to the game if possible.

Skin Hexes: #b6967f, #ccb69d

Additionally I was trying to get an exact match for the colour of their markins in game and I just wasn't able to do it as none of the colours really matched. I worked out a few hexes for their markings as well.

Marking Hexes: #75590c, #93782a

If possible Cryptic, can you guys add these colours for the Rigelians. If you can't do the markings can we at least get the two colours for the skin?

I've submitted a few in-game bugs for this.

Other facial markings - Any way for us to modify the colour within the nose region (like on the female Rigelian's face) to be a different colour? Grey seems to be the option for this.

Hair - The Rigelians seem to have a few different colours in their hair.. usually grey, whites maybe even blonds. Their hair also seems to be tied back. Though there are a few hairstyles that could work for this is there any way we can get a Rigelian-specific hairstyle?

Jewelry - Additionally, they seem to have some kind of spiritual jewelry that they wear in their hair. Any chance we could get that as well as an option?

Anyhow, I won't ask for you guys to do this tomorrow, or at all.. I just hope you guys will consider these minor changes to enhance some of the existing content/characters in the game. I know you guys are probably busy and floored like mad with work so I hope you guys can get to this some day soon.

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