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# 1 PvP needs consequences...
09-04-2010, 09:26 AM
I don't think i am the only one here that PvP needs more purpose and consequences than what it has now.
Seriously, except for the die hard PvP'ers players are not really motivated, they just see PvP as a way to get emblems and stuff.
This results in lots of noobs everywhere that do not participate, they just sit there and wait for things to be over or dont even bother putting in a team effort.
I think Cryptic needs to seriously take a good look at how PvP works, and for starters truly reward those that win.
And i have a few simple suggestions.

Daily missions: Change them so you have to actually "win" 3 PvP matches, not just be there.

PvP Rewards: Right now your rewarded pretty nicely wether you win or loose, this needs to change.
I suggest that those that win get the full reward, but those that loose get nothing except 50% of the skill point reward and nothing else.

These are two very simple suggestions, and i think they could help a great deal "forcing" people to play better and actually try to put in a team effort.

And a final and perhaps a bit controversial suggestion, is PvP Only Injuries.
Basicly they work like the regular injuries in PvE, but their effect is only in PvP.
Thus people that get constantly blown up in PvP don't suffer for it in PvE content.

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