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Greetings captains,

Lone Star Fleet is back in action, with several inactive members returning to the game, and some new faces as well. We have very few rules, all centered around good manners and fair play. What can we offer? Well we have several members who have been involved in the fleet since Cryptic took over development. Many of us participated in closed beta, and several of us are lifetime subscribers, so we will be here for the long haul.

Q - Do I need to be from the great State of Texas to be a member?
A - No! In fact we have members from around the world.

Q - Do I need to be a cowboy to be a member?
A - Again, no! While some of us that are from Texas or even Oklahoma (a suburb of Texas) have some experience as ranchers, embracing the cowboy lifestyle is not required.

Q - Will I be required to do things I don't find interesting to be a member?
A - No! Have fun is the #1 rule, but be nice to others while doing it. We will have internal events now and then, and participation is highly recommended, but not required.

Q - DO I have to pick a Texas-themed name for my captain or ship?
A - We encourage that you do, but it is not a requirement. My captain is named after the first president of Texas, and one of my own ancestors. My ship is named after a native tribe that was pivotal in the settling of the region by the Spanish, but who were lost to disease about the time of the Civil War. My alt is a Klingon/Romulan hybrid, and falls outside the theme.

Some perks we enjoy -

* Fleet bank has all available tabs; access to one is granted at all fleet ranks, while access to the others is earned. If you see an item you could use but can't access, ask and you will probably get it from a fleetmate that has access.

* Assistance on missions - Have one that is givving you problems? Just want to kill some Rommies or spoonheads with some pals? Ask in /fleet or our custom chat channel, or even speak up in our dedicated ventrilo server.

* Nicely designed website and forums - which will be expanding some to allow members to keep in touch across multiple games.

* Pals - A concept made famous throughout history and cowboy movies, when you make friends here, you make long-lasting friends.

* Dedicated UGC Members - The User-Generated Content system is something highly anticipated by most of our members, particularly the construction and maintenance of a fleet starbase.

So if you are looking for a fleet of mature adults who like to have fun and work together, look us up.

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