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09-07-2010, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I think this is part of what dstahl and Jack Emmert mean when they are talking about bringing better quality. Cryptic is good at churning out something that works quickly. But it could work a lot better.
While I did have some faith restored by Jack's interview, the problem is that STO lacks/lacked both quantity AND quality by gamer standards (advancing market = advancing standards); so while it's nice to hear that quality will be the focus, the game is still lacking for the foreseeable future.

Now fast forward a year from today, where we're looking to have 40+ multi-faction episodes (assuming possible delays and holiday breaks) in addition to whatever else they got around to and things might be different. But that is assuming that the game's population hasn't been whittled to the die-hards by Cataclysm and SW:tOR (among other games).

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Season 2 brought a lot of diverse things. Level Cap Increase. 2 new currencies (Latinum, Emblems). Diplomacy content. Klingon PvE Missions. Faction-Neutral PvE Missions. A Fleet Action. Refits. Mini-Games. Ship Interiors

That might have been too many things at once. Some stuff I can see being done in parallel. Others less so. For example - add Diplomacy Content and Ship Interiors and compare it to PvE Missions. I have the feeling pretty much the same teams are working on that, since you need to build story content (dialogs!) for them, and you need maps. Ther could have been a few more episodes added to the game for that. Or the Fleet Action could have been more polished and better balanced.
It boils down to perception:

Most Klingons believed that Season 2 would be primarily a Klingon update, and we got 8 episodes; the perception is the eight is a terribly small number and the quality of those eight takes a back seat when weighed against what the Federation got.

It's nice that Cryptic is learning that quality matters (as said above), but they haven't learned to balance it yet when the relationship with part of your playerbase is on the line.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
So, if Cryptic is keeping to their word, we might see less of such complex updates. We might see more focused stuff, with less bugs and more features within it. More depth.
We'll see how this works out in Season 3, I suppose.
Season 3 being mainly bug fixes aside, it again boils down to perception.

Cryptic is releasing and showing teasers for this and that, but what are the received messages to their players?

Neutral missions send a message that they can't hit both individually so they have to do them at the same time; continued work on the Nebula sends the message that they're still putting the Federation first instead of honoring what they said about increasing the Klingon ships (and time tables); releasing Federation ships with special abilities and BO layouts (and nothing but promises for the Klingons) sends the message that even those they said the Klingons are getting attention, the Federation is more important to them; and so on.

Get the picture? Sony has made a lot of changes and improvements to SWG over the past few years, but does anybody care? No they don't, and If Cryptic wants to fix their image, they need to pay more attention to how their actions will reflect back on them by the players.

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